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Apache Derby Release


Use the links below to download a distribution of Apache Derby. You should always verify the integrity of distribution files downloaded from a mirror.

There are four different distributions:

  • bin distribution - contains the documentation, javadoc, and jar files for Derby.
  • lib distribution - contains only the jar files for Derby.
  • lib-debug distribution - contains jar files for Derby with source line numbers.
  • src distribution - contains the Derby source tree at the point which the binaries were built.

db-derby- [PGP] [MD5]
db-derby- [PGP] [MD5]

db-derby- [PGP] [MD5]
db-derby- [PGP] [MD5]

db-derby- [PGP] [MD5]
db-derby- [PGP] [MD5]

db-derby- [PGP] [MD5]
db-derby- [PGP] [MD5] (Note that, due to long filenames, you will need gnu tar to unravel this tarball.)

There are two separate Eclipse plugins for Derby:

  • derby_core_plugin - provides the Derby jar files to other plugins in Eclipse.
  • derby_ui_doc_plugin - provides an Apache Derby Nature in Eclipse for easy database application development.

derby_core_plugin_10.7.1.zip [PGP] [MD5]
derby_ui_doc_plugin_1.1.2.zip [PGP] [MD5]

Please note: both plugins must be installed for full functionality. For information on installing and using the Derby plugins for Eclipse, please see the Using the 10 Core and 1.1 UI Derby plug-ins page.

Release Notes for Apache Derby

These notes describe the difference between Apache Derby release and the preceding release


The most up to date information about Derby releases can be found on the Derby download page.

Apache Derby is a pure Java relational database engine using standard SQL and JDBC as its APIs. More information about Derby can be found on the Apache web site. Derby functionality includes:

  • Embedded engine with JDBC drivers
  • Network Server
  • Network client JDBC drivers
  • Command line tools: ij (SQL scripting), dblook (schema dump) and sysinfo (system info)

New Features

This is a feature release. The following new features were added:

  • Definer's rights - Procedures and functions can now run with their creators' privileges, rather than with the current user's permissions.
  • BOOLEAN data type - Boolean is now a legal data type for columns, routine arguments, and function return values.
  • Table truncation - A new TRUNCATE TABLE command drops all rows in a table quickly.
  • Query plan browsing - A new PlanExporter tool helps developers visualize query plans better.
  • Unicode database names - Remote clients can now use database names which include Unicode characters outside the ASCII codeset.

Bug Fixes

The following issues are addressed by Derby release These issues are not addressed in the preceding release.

Issue IdDescription
DERBY-4911restoreIntrFlagIfSeen may throw ShutdownException causing confusing console stack trace at server shutdown
DERBY-4908Instability in CheckConstraintTest.testBuiltInFunctions
DERBY-4904Plan exporter doesn't work if XPLAIN schema has special characters
DERBY-4903Plan exporter tool produces broken output if query contains less-than operator
DERBY-4902Encoding problem in output from plan exporter
DERBY-4899Refactor access to primary structures in AlterTableConstantAction
DERBY-4898testGetURL test fails in nightly runs.
DERBY-4895Thread local TableDescriptor#referencedColumnMap is not removed from app threads when Derby is shut down
DERBY-4893Allow Java 5 language constructs in build code
DERBY-4892Unsafe use of BigDecimal constructors
DERBY-4891Enable testing of boolean type in ParameterMappingTest
DERBY-4890Different string to boolean conversion on embedded and client
DERBY-4889Different byte to boolean conversion on embedded and client
DERBY-4888ClassCastException when calling boolean meta-data functions with 10.7 client against 10.6 server
DERBY-4885Reduce lock timeout in SavepointJdbc30Test
DERBY-4884DatabasePropertyTestSetup cannot change static properties in encrypted databases
DERBY-4881Deadlock accessing SYS.SYSSTATISTICS
DERBY-4880Unchecked warnings in JMXManagementService and VTI demos
DERBY-4879Lookahead warning from ij.jj
DERBY-4878Silence sanity info message when running "ant -q"
DERBY-4877Unchecked warnings in jdbc4 test suite
DERBY-4876Deprecation warnings in VTITemplate
DERBY-4873NullPointerException in testBoundaries with ibm jvm 1.6
DERBY-4870Reference Manual map file issues with out-of-order/duplicate topics
DERBY-4868Remove Types.BIT/Types.BOOLEAN switch in JVMInfo
DERBY-4867Update BaseTestCase.isSunJVM() to accept Oracle
DERBY-4866Simplify SYSCS_BULK_INSERT with IdUtil.mkQualifiedName()
DERBY-4865Remove Maven artifact history section from maven2/README.txt
DERBY-4860RunSuite on derbylang and other subsuites fails with java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError because of prepended ^
DERBY-4859Missing doPrivileged in DatabaseClasses.WriteClassFile()
DERBY-4858Remove deprecated code for generating CHANGES.html
DERBY-4857Utilize the SOAP API to fetch JIRA issue list for release notes generation
DERBY-4840Reference topic example elements lack titles
DERBY-4836many failures with IBM 1.5 and 1.6 on windows after test InternationalConnectTest
DERBY-4835Trigger plan does not recompile with upgrade from to causing java.lang.NoSuchMethodError
DERBY-4829dblook fails if there is a column privilege on a table whose name contains a quote
DERBY-4828Import fails if column names contain double quotes
DERBY-4827Modify the documentation for the 10.7 release regarding the UTF-8 CCSID manager
DERBY-4826Documentation tasks for new minor release of Derby
DERBY-4825Assert failure in LargeDataLocksTest.testGetCharacterStream() because of wrong number of locks
DERBY-4822DropSchemaConstantAction: could reuse the current connection provided by the available activation object
DERBY-4815Override mechanism for modules.properties works backwards
DERBY-4812ReplicationMessageTransmit run does not unwrap PrivilegedActionException which can lead to failure of replicationTests.ReplicationRun_Local_StateTest_part1_1
DERBY-4810setTimestamp() methods don't agree on trailing zeros
DERBY-4806SysinfoCPCheckTest fail on different Windows platforms on release candidate
DERBY-4804Make database used in store.OSReadOnlyTest fully read-only
DERBY-4803Sequences do not work in INSERT/SELECT
DERBY-4802Document the TRUNCATE command
DERBY-4799IllegalArgumentException when generating error message on server
DERBY-4796Missing escape for apostrophes in many messages
DERBY-4791LIKE operator optimizations and concatenation
DERBY-4786Shutdown command without username and password should work with mixed client and network server releases.
DERBY-4781suites.All fails completely with Failed to invoke suite():java.lang.reflect.InvocationTargetException because of XplainStatisticsTest
DERBY-4777Different behavior in Client and Embedded modes when update on an invalid cursor
DERBY-4774Investigate character set and encoding issues of PlanExporter Tool
DERBY-4772Data truncation error with XPLAIN-functionality enabled
DERBY-4767Detailed prompt for Error XCL16 is different between Client and Embed
DERBY-4765Convert "org.apache.derbyTesting.functionTests.tests.derbynet.DerbyNetNewServer" to junit.
DERBY-4764Files with missing ASF license headers
DERBY-4760test failure in derbynet/testProtocol.java with ibm jvms
DERBY-4758Adding documentation about the PlanExporter Tool
DERBY-4756Silence deprecation warnings for JDBC 4 stubs
DERBY-4755DERBY-4601 added a new message to derby.log during engine shutdown and it changed the database shutdown message. Need to update docs with that information
DERBY-4752CheapDateFormatter returns incorrect and invalid date strings
DERBY-4746(Server) Implement UTF8 support on DRDA
DERBY-4743Attempt to access a DECLARE GLOBAL TEMPORARY TABLE after commit in an XA transaction in Network server fails.
DERBY-4738correct error prompt for nonpositive length in Blob.setBytesX()
DERBY-4737Document the BOOLEAN datatype
DERBY-4732Release system resources in CanonTestCase thoroughly
DERBY-4730Add BOOLEAN to the list of datatypes returned by DatabaseMetaData.getTypeInfo()
DERBY-4723Using an instance lock to protect static shared data in EmbedPooledConnection
DERBY-4720Allow boolean-valued expressions in select lists
DERBY-4718Correct wrong main() method in LocalizedDisplayScriptTest and LocalizedAttributeScriptTest
DERBY-4716Enable BOOLEAN typed columns
DERBY-4714Clean up some edge-case uses of the BOOLEAN keyword
DERBY-4711Hung thread after another thread is interrupted
DERBY-4709Create test that parse client trace file to detect round-trips for Derby-4653
DERBY-4707convert ShutdownDatabase.java into junit
DERBY-4704Incorrect nullability when casting non-nullable VARCHAR to BOOLEAN
DERBY-4703Make it possible for table functions to return BOOLEAN columns
DERBY-4696Remove the outdated content about "frameworks subdirectory" in "getstartderby"
DERBY-4695Internal assignment of tablenumer, columnnumber looks wrong in query tree, although no ill effects are seen.
DERBY-4692Unions between BOOLEAN and non-BOOLEAN datatypes should be rejected
DERBY-4690Too few arguments when generating AM_RECORD_NOT_FOUND error
DERBY-4685Dead/unreachable code in OpenConglomerate.lockPositionForWrite()
DERBY-4684Correct the implicit casting of other types to BOOLEAN
DERBY-4680Add documentation for routines running with definer's rights
DERBY-4674BooleanValuesTest fails if Xalan is not available
DERBY-4667BootLockTest.testBootLock() sometimes fails with connection refused.
DERBY-4665Unidiomatic error handling in TimestampArithTest
DERBY-4658Allow explicit casts of string values to BOOLEAN
DERBY-4653Avoid unnecessary round-trip for commit in the client driver
DERBY-4626Timestamp truncated when converted to string with explicit calendar
DERBY-4625TIMESTAMP function doesn't accept nanoseconds
DERBY-4624Broken logic for avoiding testing across midnight in TimestampArithTest
DERBY-4613Make client driver treat BOOLEAN columns the same way as the embedded driver does.
DERBY-4601Shutting down just a single database should log a different message than shutting down the system
DERBY-4587Add tools for improved analysis and understanding of query plans and execution statistics
DERBY-4583TRUE by itself is not accepted in WHERE
DERBY-4577An expanding update fails with an nospc.U error.
DERBY-4551Allow database user to execute stored procedures with same permissions as database owner and/or routine definer
DERBY-4531Client setCharacterStream closes its Reader argument stream in finalizer
DERBY-4459Verification error at execute-time when an outer function which takes a primitive arg is wrapped around an inner function which returns the corresponding Java wrapper object
DERBY-4449ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException when inserting DEFAULT into unspecified column
DERBY-4371Non-selected columns for SELECT DISTINCT allowed in ORDER BY clause if ordered by expression
DERBY-4343ASSERT FAILED calling setTransactionIsolation checking isolation_ == level on pooled connection
DERBY-4315Attempt to reuse streams in client on insert gives protocol exception and inserts wrong data
DERBY-4314With derby client setTransactionIsolation executes and commits even if isolation has not changed
DERBY-4241Improve transition from read-only to writable Clob representation
DERBY-4083BTreeScan.delete() throws AM_RECORD_NOT_FOUND if record is found
DERBY-4067ClientConnectionPoolDataSource.getPooledConnection and ClientXADataSource.getXAConnection ignore connection attributes
DERBY-4052SQLChar.copyState() doesn't copy localeFinder
DERBY-3953VIEWS which invoke user-coded functions may return different results depending on who SELECTs from them
DERBY-3944CHECK constraints involving user-coded functions may return different results depending on who performs the triggering INSERT/UPDATE
DERBY-3898Blob.setBytes differs between embedded and client driver when the specified length is invalid
DERBY-3801Convert "org.apache.derbyTesting.functionTests.tests.lang.holdCursorIJ.sql" to junit.
DERBY-3727Improve error information reported when encountering "ERROR XSDB3: Container information cannot change once written: was 103, now 80"
DERBY-3644NetworkServerControl.ping() on trunk against and older servers give 'DRDA_InvalidReplyHeader2.S:Invalid reply header from network server: Invalid string . Plaintext connection attempt to an SSL enabled server?'
DERBY-3173Removed cached String objects from SQLDate, SQLTime and SQLTimestamp
DERBY-2785ij "describe" built in command cannot describe a table named "run"
DERBY-2419Tighten encapsulation of state in TestConfiguration
DERBY-2156message XSDB8 and 42Y32 have references to db2j
DERBY-2011DROP INDEX, TRIGGER and VIEW contain examples in the syntax section in the reference manual.
DERBY-1963Routine parameter names displayed by dblook are not escaped.
DERBY-1958improve XSDG3 error to print container, actual i/o operation, and file name.
DERBY-1938Add support for setObject(<arg>, null)
DERBY-1511SELECT clause without a WHERE, causes an Exception when extracting a Blob from a database
DERBY-1482Update triggers on tables with blob columns stream blobs into memory even when the blobs are not referenced/accessed.
DERBY-1439Investigate removing the antiGC thread in embedded Derby
DERBY-1425testProtocol hangs with 10.1 client talking to 10.2 server
DERBY-499Expose BOOLEAN datatype to end users
DERBY-462DatabaseMetaData method supportsConvert() returns true


Compared with the previous release (, Derby release introduces the following new features and incompatibilities. These merit your special attention.

Note for DERBY-4786

Summary of Change

A shutdown request with no user credentials to a 10.3 (or earlier) server from a newer client will give multiple messages on both the server and client sides.

Symptoms Seen by Applications Affected by Change

A shutdown request from a 10.4 (or higher) client with no user credentials to a 10.3 (or earlier) server shows the following messages on the server side. (Note that the version info about the product changes depending on the release being used for the server.)

java.lang.Throwable: DRDA_UnknownProtocol.S, 2
Execution failed because of a Distributed Protocol Error: DRDA_Proto_SYNTAXRM;CODPNT arg = 0; Error Code Value = 1. Plaintext connection attempt from an SSL enabled client?
Apache Derby Network Server - - (1) shutdown at {2}

Messages on the client side appear as follows. (Note that the version info about the product changes depending on the release being used for the client.)

Invalid reply header from network server: Invalid string . Plaintext connection attempt to an SSL enabled server?
Apache Derby Network Server - - (1) shutdown
Rationale for Change

10.3 (and earlier) versions do not support shutdown commands with credentials. The credential-bearing shutdown command was introduced in 10.4 and requires network protocol level 2. 10.3 and earlier versions understand protocol level 1 and do not recognize the credential-bearing shutdown command. Because of this, a 10.4 (or higher) client can't shutdown a 10.3 (or lower) server. With DERBY-4786, a 10.7 client will first try the shutdown at protocol level 2. If that does not succeed, then the 10.7 client will send the shutdown at protocol level 1. This fix has been backported to the 10.4, 10.5, and 10.6 branches also. Future releases on those branches will enjoy this ability to successfully shutdown 10.3 (and earlier) servers.

Note for DERBY-4777

Summary of Change

When a network client attempts to update through an invalid cursor, Derby now throws 'ERROR 42X30' instead of 'ERROR XJ202'.

Symptoms Seen by Applications Affected by Change

In previous releases, Derby threw 'ERROR XJ202' when a network client tried to update through a closed or nonexistent cursor. For a cursor named "JDK4", the detailed message was "ERROR XJ202: Invalid cursor name 'JDK4'." If you are running 10.7, however, Derby now throws 'ERROR 42X30' instead, and the detailed message is "ERROR 42X30: Cursor 'JDK4' not found. Verify that autocommit is OFF."

From now on, DERBY performs identically in Client and Embedded modes when you attempt to update through a closed or nonexistent cursor.

Incompatibilities with Previous Release

Applications may fail if they expect 'ERROR XJ202' to be thrown in this situation.

Rationale for Change

This change was made so that the Client and Embedded behavior would be similar.

Application Changes Required

If applications need to track updates through invalid cursors, those applications should look for 'ERROR 42X30' regardless of whether they run in Client or Embedded mode.

Note for DERBY-4772

Summary of Change

Column types in the XPLAIN tables changed to accommodate more data.

Symptoms Seen by Applications Affected by Change


Incompatibilities with Previous Release

None, but keeping the old table definitions for the XPLAIN tables may result in data truncation errors (see DERBY-4772 and DERBY-4673).

Rationale for Change

Amount of recorded data was too large to fit into the old column definitions.

Application Changes Required

It is recommended to drop existing XPLAIN tables and have them recreated with the new table definitions. This can be done by disabling the XPLAIN feature, dropping the tables, and then enable the XPLAIN feature again. Alternatively, if you want to keep existing data, specify a different schema to save XPLAIN data in.

Note for DERBY-4577

Summary of Change

UPDATE statements should not raise the following error: "ERROR nospc: nospc.U"

Symptoms Seen by Applications Affected by Change

An UPDATE of a row which spans multiple pages can fail, raising "ERROR nospc: nospc.U". This error should never be returned to the client. The error is very timing and data dependent, and has been encountered in only a few applications.

Rationale for Change

UPDATES of rows may fail in some cases, returning this error which clients should never see.

Application Changes Required

After applying the fix, clients should not see this error. To ensure that updates of existing rows no longer see this error, run the SYSCS_UTIL.SYSCS_COMPRESS_TABLE() system procedure on your tables. You may want to defensively compress all of your tables. Alternatively, it is also ok to wait and see if the error occurs and then only compress the tables that encounter the error.

Note for DERBY-4314

Summary of Change

Derby client Connection.setTransactionIslation will not commit if isolation level does not change.

Symptoms Seen by Applications Affected by Change

Applications relying on Connection.setTransactionIsolation to commit transactions, may see either errors related to transactions in progress or transactions that fail to commit.

Incompatibilities with Previous Release

Before, derby client Connection.setTransactionIsolation would commit even if isolation has not changed. Starting with, derby client Connection.setTransactionIsolatin does not commit if the isolation has not changed.

Rationale for Change

The change was made to client to match behavior of the embedded driver and to improve client performance.

Application Changes Required

Applications should not rely on transactions change based on calling Connection.setTransactionIsolation. An explicit commit should be called to ensure transactions commit.

Note for DERBY-1511

Summary of Change

Queries will not bulk fetch rows with large object columns if the cursor is holdable.

Symptoms Seen by Applications Affected by Change

Queries that perform full table scans in order to fetch relatively small BLOB or CLOB values, may need longer time to complete than they did in previous releases. This only affects queries that are executed on a Statement (or PreparedStatement or CallableStatement) that has the ResultSet.HOLD_CURSORS_OVER_COMMIT flag set.

Rationale for Change

The bulk fetching that happened in previous releases, was not a safe optimization if the fetched rows contained large object columns (BLOB or CLOB) and the cursor was holdable. If the transaction was committed in the middle of a scan, the pre-fetched large objects cached inside the scan would be closed, and they would not be valid for use when they were later returned to the application. To prevent certain ways to access large objects from failing, the optimization was disabled for the cases where it was not known to be safe.

Application Changes Required

The queries affected by this change will run with no performance degradation compared to previous releases if the application can be rewritten to use non-holdable cursors. This can be achieved by calling Connection.setHoldability() with the ResultSet.CLOSE_CURSORS_AT_COMMIT flag before creating the statement instance, or by supplying that flag to Connection's createStatement(), prepareStatement() or prepareCall() method in the resultSetHoldability parameter.

Alternatively, if all the BLOB and CLOB values in the table in question are small enough to fit in a VARCHAR FOR BIT DATA column or in a VARCHAR column, one may change the type of the LOB columns to one of these other data types, and the query will again be allowed to use the bulk fetch optimization.

Build Environment

Derby release was built using the following environment:

  • Branch - Source code came from the 10.7 branch.
  • Machine - Mac OS X 10.5.8.
  • Ant - Apache Ant version 1.7.1 compiled on June 27 2008.
  • JDK 1.4 - Java(TM) 2 Runtime Environment, Standard Edition (build 1.4.2_22-b02-329).
  • Java 6 - Java(TM) SE Runtime Environment (build 1.6.0_17-b04-248-9M3125).
  • Compiler - The 1.6.0_17-b04-248-9M3125 javac was used to compile all classes.
  • JSR 169 - J2ME support was built using libraries from phoneME Advanced Milestone Release 2.

Verifying Releases

It is essential that you verify the integrity of the downloaded files using the PGP and MD5 signatures. MD5 verification ensures the file was not corrupted during the download process. PGP verification ensures that the file came from a certain person.

The PGP signatures can be verified using PGP or GPG. First download the Apache Derby KEYS as well as the asc signature file for the particular distribution. It is important that you get these files from the ultimate trusted source - the main ASF distribution site, rather than from a mirror. Then verify the signatures using ...

% pgpk -a KEYS
% pgpv db-derby-X.Y.tar.gz.asc


% pgp -ka KEYS
% pgp db-derby-X.Y.tar.gz.asc


% gpg --import KEYS
% gpg --verify db-derby-X.Y.tar.gz.asc

To verify the MD5 signature on the files, you need to use a program called md5 or md5sum, which is included in many unix distributions. It is also available as part of GNU Textutils. Windows users can get binary md5 programs from here, here, or here.

We strongly recommend that you verify your downloads with both PGP and MD5.