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Apache Derby Papers

This ad hoc spot in the Derby site hosts papers, and check the Derby Wiki for more.

Derby Engine

The table below summarizes resources that describe the Derby engine.

Navigation Menu EntryTitle
Javadoc Engine
Architecture Derby Engine Architecture Overview
BTree BTree package documentation
Disk Page Format Derby On Disk Page Format
How Things Work How Things Work
Intersect & Except Intersect & Except Design
JDBC Derby JDBC Implementation Notes
Log Format Derby Write Ahead Log Format
Logging & Recovery Derby Logging and Recovery
Optimizer Derby Optimizer Design
Type System Derby Type System (Note: if your browser shows HTML source for this page instead of displaying it, save the file locally with File -> Save Page As, then open the file you saved.)
Versioning Derby Versioning Scheme

Derby Network Client

The table below summarizes white papers that describe the Derby Network Client.

Navigation Menu EntryTitle
Functional Spec Derby Network Client


The online Apache Derby Tutorial provides a quick hands-on overview. Pointers to even more tutorials and other instructional materials are on the Derby Wiki.

How to Contribute Papers

If you have figured out how something works in Derby or how to do something cool and have produced a white paper you would like to contribute to the Derby web site, please open a Jira issue with the component set to "Web Site". Upload your contribution to that issue with the "Attach file to this issue" option. It will prompt you to click on "Grant license to ASF for inclusion in ASF works", and this is the permission we need in place to host your contribution on the Derby web site.

As time permits, somebody will take the document from the Jira issue and put it on the Derby web site. You can speed the posting process up by testing your white paper in Forrest to verify it works well before you post it.

If you want the paper integrated with the Derby web site, with the forrest-generated navigation, it is easiest to incorporate these types of files:

That much said, even though your favorite word processing program can produce an HTML file, that doesn't necessarily mean that forrest can read it and do something visually pleasing with it. If forrest can't consume your document, or you don't like what forrest did with it, or you want to provide your document in a binary format it can be included in its native format on the site -- it just won't have the forrest-generated left hand navigation and top banner. Examples are:

You can also link directly to a file in the Derby code tree; for example, to the Building Derby file. Don't link with a viewcvs URL like the one below because it turns out to put a heavier burden on the server than is needed:


ViewCVS is good for when you need to browse the history. But if all you need to do is display the file, link to it like this instead:


Last Updated: March 30, 2005