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Apache Derby and Other Products

What works with Derby?

The UsesOfDerby Wiki page lists products that use or work with Derby. The list is maintained on the Wiki to make it easy for anyone to update, so please feel free to add more entries.

Product Writeups

Detailed writeups on how to get a product working with Derby have been contributed to the Derby web site and are listed in the table below.

Product Title
C-JDBC HOWTO use C-JDBC with Apache Derby [pdf] [Open Office]. (Note: Sequoia picks up where C-JDBC leaves off and Sequoia is available under the Apache Software License 2.0.)
DdlUtils Using DdlUtils to Migrate Databases to Derby
DOTS Derby Running DOTS (Database Open Source Test Suite) with Derby
DOTS System Using DOTS as Apache Derby System Test
EMMA Derby Code Coverage Using EMMA
JOnAS Apache Derby and Red Hat Application Server: JOnAS Integration
JPOX JDO Using JPOX JDO with Derby
Geronimo Demo Using Apache Derby with iBATIS JPetStore 4 running on the Geronimo J2EE Server
SQuirreL SQL Using SQuirreL SQL Client with Derby
Tomcat Demo Embedding Apache Derby in Tomcat and creating an iBATIS JPetStore Demo
Torque Running the Torque Tutorial on Derby
WebSphere Demo Using Apache Derby with iBATIS JPetStore 4 on the WebSphere Server

Eclipse Plug-ins

Plug-ins integrating Derby and Eclipse were available in older official Derby releases.

Navigation Menu Entry Title
Eclipse Plug-ins Information on the Derby plugins for Eclipse

Last Updated: October 1, 2012