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Derby Plug-in for Eclipse


Between version 10.3 and 10.8.2, Apache Derby distributions included plug-ins for Eclipse. These consisted of 3 plug-ins:

Plug-in Purpose
core Contained the base derby* jars (derby.jar, derbynet.jar, derbytools.jar, derbyclient.jar) providing the actual Derby functionality. Packaged as derby_core_plugin_10.[minor].[bugfixrelease].[build].zip.
ui Contained the ui functionality, which enabled one to add a Derby 'Nature' to an Eclipse project, which then added the jars available for building, and added menu options for starting certain Derby tools: to start Network Server and choose port number, start ij, and run sysinfo. Packaged with the doc plugin into derby_ui_plugin_1.[minor].[build].zip.
doc Contained the Eclipse-Help documentation for the plugin functionality. Packaged with the doc plugin into derby_ui_plugin_1.[minor].[build].zip.


To build the 'core' plug-in one needs to check out a Derby source tree using svn, then build the derby* jars as described in BUILDING.html, and then issue 'ant plugin'.

To build the ui and doc plug-ins, follow the instructions in the readme.txt in the plugins directory (Readme.txt).


To achieve similar functionality as the plugins, one can add the derby* jars to a project's classpath, and create 'run' items.


More information on Apache Derby can be found at: http://db.apache.org/derby/

Last updated: October 1, 2012