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How Things Work

This page is ancient, predating the creating of the Derby Wiki. The Wiki HowItWorks page has more current pointers to information.

For a developer just getting started with Derby a logical first step is to browse the derby-dev@db.apache.org mail archive; however, that becomes more daunting as each month passes and the archive grows. This page hopes to help new developers get started more quickly by providing a partial list of pointers to derby implementation details that have been posted to the mail lists. The focus is on history, how things work and how they might change, so new developers can more quickly understand technical issues and participate in discussions.

Since a given thread might discuss multiple topics, most often the links below are to just the message that appears most relevant or that visibly identifies the topic. Once you pull up a message, click on the "thread" option to look at the broader context surrounding that message. Also, to retrieve all discussions for a given topic, search the Derby mail list archives directly. The list below is just a starting point.

Please post corrections/additions to the derby-dev list.

Last Updated: February 9, 2005