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Apache Derby Release


Use the links below to download a distribution of Apache Derby. You should always verify the integrity of distribution files downloaded from a mirror.

There are four different distributions:

  • bin distribution - contains the documentation, javadoc, and jar files for Derby.
  • lib distribution - contains only the jar files for Derby.
  • lib-debug distribution - contains jar files for Derby with source line numbers.
  • src distribution - contains the Derby source tree at the point which the binaries were built.

db-derby- [PGP] [MD5]
db-derby- [PGP] [MD5]

db-derby- [PGP] [MD5]
db-derby- [PGP] [MD5]

db-derby- [PGP] [MD5]
db-derby- [PGP] [MD5]

db-derby- [PGP] [MD5]
db-derby- [PGP] [MD5] (Note that, due to long filenames, you will need gnu tar to unravel this tarball.)

There are two separate Eclipse plugins for Derby:

  • derby_core_plugin - provides the Derby jar files to other plugins in Eclipse.
  • derby_ui_plugin - provides an Apache Derby Nature in Eclipse for easy database application development.

derby_core_plugin_10.6.1.zip [PGP] [MD5]
derby_ui_doc_plugin_1.1.2.zip [PGP] [MD5]

Please note: both plugins must be installed for full functionality. For information on installing and using the Derby plugins for Eclipse, please see the Using the 10 Core and 1.1 UI Derby plug-ins page.

Release Notes for Derby

These notes describe the difference between Derby release and the preceding release

In addition to many new features, includes a fix for Security Bug CVE-2009-4269, affecting the BUILTIN authentication scheme and password hashing. For more information, see below.


Derby is a pure Java relational database engine using standard SQL and JDBC as its APIs.

Derby functionality includes:

  • Embedded engine with JDBC drivers
  • Network Server
  • Network client JDBC drivers
  • Command line tools: ij (SQL scripting), dblook (schema dump) and sysinfo (system info)

New Features

This is a feature release. The following new features were added:

  • Sequence Generators - Named generators for allocating successive, evenly spaced numbers. See feature T176 of the SQL Standard.
  • User-defined types - Named types bound to serializable Java objects.
  • Restricted table functions - Limits on the columns and rows returned by table functions.
  • XPLAIN statistics collection - Query plan statistics stored in tables for later analysis.
  • GROUP BY ROLLUP - A subset of the SQL Standard ROLLUP functionality on the GROUP BY clause. See feature T431 of the SQL Standard.
  • CROSS JOIN - CROSS JOIN syntax. See feature F401-04 of the SQL Standard.
  • Named columns join - USING clauses in joins.
  • SHOW FUNCTIONS - IJ command that lists stored functions.
  • In-memory back end enhancements - Numerous improvements, including the ability to delete in-memory databases.
  • ORDER BY in subqueries - Syntax for explicitly ordering rows returned by subqueries. See features F851, F852, and F855 of the SQL Standard.
  • OFFSET, FETCH FIRST/NEXT in subqueries - Generalized syntax for retrieving row subsets. See features F856, F857, F858, F859, F861, F862, F863, and F864 of the SQL Standard.
  • NATURAL JOIN - Support for NATURAL JOIN. See feature T431 of the SQL Standard.
  • Qualified identifers in ij - Ability to reference cursors and prepared statements in other connections.
  • Configurable hash algorithm - Ability to customize the hash algorithm used by BUILTIN authentication.
  • Context-sniffing scripts - Ability of shipped scripts to locate Derby jars when DERBY_HOME isn't set.
  • Case-insensitive strings - Ability to ignore case in string comparisons and sorts.

Bug Fixes

The following issues are addressed by Derby release These issues are not addressed in the preceding release.

Issue IdDescription
DERBY-4630Documentation: sysinfo example in Tools guide needs to reflect DERBY-4441
DERBY-4621Invalid conversion from Timestamp to String when calling setTimestamp() with Calendar
DERBY-4619PropertySetter fails due to an empty jre/lib directory
DERBY-4618"Syntax for the derbyrun.jar file" document page modification
DERBY-4615EmbedCallableStatement ignores Calendar in getDate, getTime and getTimestamp
DERBY-4608Unnecessary conversion of binary values to strings in SQLBinary.compare()
DERBY-4607HeapScan test commits wrong connection
DERBY-4604test lang.CollationTest.testSwedishCaseInsensitiveCollation fails with IBM's weme6.2/1.4.2. and Sun's 1.4.2
DERBY-4603test testBuiltinAuthenticationWithConfigurableHash fails from upgradeTests.Changes10_6 with ibm's j9
DERBY-460210 failures and 11 errors with IBM weme6.2/j9/cdc-foundation after revision 922304 for DERBY-4483
DERBY-4600Use ValueNodeList helper methods in CoalesceFunctionNode
DERBY-4594ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException thrown in PreparedStatement execution
DERBY-4592Documentation: Update Sun trademarks in manuals
DERBY-4591Documentation needed for global case-insensitive setting (DERBY-1748)
DERBY-4590You can drop a file-system database from a directory named "memory"
DERBY-4584Unable to connect to network server if client thread name has Japanese characters
DERBY-4579Document the configurable hash authentication scheme
DERBY-4578Documentation: Developer's Guide topic on double-booting is mostly obsolete
DERBY-4574derby.jar not a valid R4 OSGi bundle
DERBY-4572Documentation needed for user-defined types
DERBY-4571Memory leak on server when using "SET ROLE" command
DERBY-4570test failure in ij7 with cdc foundation profile (ibm's weme6.2)
DERBY-4569failures in ij2 test with cdc/foundation (ibm's weme 6.2)
DERBY-4568Documentation needed for sequence generators
DERBY-4567Update the Tools documentation to describe the qualified identifiers which Sylvain just added to ij
DERBY-4564Replication tests do not pick up derby.tests.networkServerStartTimeout setting
DERBY-4563Avoid unnecessary use of getStream and getStreamWithDescriptor
DERBY-4562Complation of prepared statement results in Syntax Error
DERBY-4554Remove lang/scrollCursors1.sql
DERBY-4553In ij GETCURRENTROWNUMBER directly writeits result to output
DERBY-4549NPE in JBitSet
DERBY-4547Documentation: update copyright, version to 2010 and 10.6
DERBY-4543CLOB values incorrectly stored on disk using the old header format
DERBY-4542Avoid materialization where possible when cloning CollatorSQLClob
DERBY-4538If the CREATE TRIGGER does not have the REFERENCING clause, then there is no need to keep before and after values for the triggering table
DERBY-4529BlobMemTest and ClobMemTest don't call super.tearDown()
DERBY-4527create ibm17 class for the old test harness
DERBY-4525Document the in-memory storage back end
DERBY-4524Incorrect DROP FUNCTION logic in AccessTest's tearDown() method
DERBY-4523store.AccessTest fails on phoneME
DERBY-4522Document SELECT statement requirements resulting from fix to DERBY-4191
DERBY-4520Refactor and extend data type cloning facilities
DERBY-4519Infinite loop in StreamFileContainer.writeColumn
DERBY-4518Document ORDER BY and OFFSET/FETCH in subqueries
DERBY-4515Document and clarify the use of DataValueDescriptor.setValue(InputStream,int)
DERBY-4514j2ME test failures relating to runtimeStatisticsParser
DERBY-4512Avoid unnecessary lookup in transaction table when adding transaction
DERBY-4510Reference manual is unclear on max length for VARCHAR
DERBY-4509Convert autoincrement.sql to JUnit
DERBY-4507Write user documentation for restricted table functions.
DERBY-4506Document NATURAL JOIN in the reference manual
DERBY-4505Document that views, triggers, and constraints run with definer's rights rather than invoker's rights
DERBY-4501CLASSPATH scripts do not work as defined in Getting Started in Derby Guide
DERBY-4500CLASSPATH scripts should not exit on error
DERBY-4496Column list size mismatch with ORDER BY in INSERT statement
DERBY-4494Admin guide shows invalid shutdown command
DERBY-4492Localized help message from derbyrun.jar has wrong encoding
DERBY-4491The network client changes UDTs into Strings and returns their type as LONGVARBINARY.
DERBY-4488Nullpointer when performing INSERT INTO
DERBY-4483Provide a way to change the hash algorithm used by BUILTIN authentication
DERBY-4482Property to set IJ session locale not documented (assume this is derby.ui.locale)
DERBY-4479after rename table a to b then create table a statement execute cause null point exception
DERBY-4477Selecting / projecting a column whose value is represented by a stream more than once fails
DERBY-4476Use helper methods from IdUtil instead of TupleDescriptor.quoteProtectName()
DERBY-4475(patch) roleName isn't trimmed as expected
DERBY-4473(patch) remove some allocated but unused objects
DERBY-4472(patch) non short circuit op, could cause eof problems
DERBY-4465Typo in error message from SQLChar
DERBY-4461'testD151(...Derby151Test)java.sql.SQLException: Failed to start database' (and more ...) on Suse EE S 10 Linux/IBM 1.6.0, Fedora Core 5/Sun 1.6.0-b105, Win XP/Sun 1.6.0_10
DERBY-4460test_031_derby_4413 failed in nightly regression run : ComparisonFailure: expected: 1 but was: 2
DERBY-4457'Column value mismatch' in 'testDistinctInsertWithGeneratedColumn(...lang.DistinctTest)' on Jvm 1.5, 1.4, phoneME.
DERBY-4455Prepared statement failure with CLOB: Stream has already been read and end-of-file reached and cannot be re-used.
DERBY-4451ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException or ASSERT FAILED when inserting generated columns out of order
DERBY-4450GROUP BY in an IN-subquery inside HAVING clause whose select list is subset of group by columns, gives NPE
DERBY-4448ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException when trying to override generated column
DERBY-4446Clarify reference manual regarding specifying field length of LONG VARCHAR columns
DERBY-4445Document new ij SHOW FUNCTIONS command
DERBY-4442Evaluation of default value and identity in an INSERT result set evaluated too early.
DERBY-4441Change sysinfo to print out more specific JVM information
DERBY-4438'Table/View 'T1' already exists in Schema 'APP'' in lang.DropTableTest on phoneME/cvm
DERBY-4435Emptying index fails with NPE doing replacement import of empty file
DERBY-4432Memory leak when attempting to boot non-existing database with the in-memory back end
DERBY-4430Make ij's SHOW and DESCRIBE commands more db agnostic
DERBY-4429Let StressMultiTest read Threads and Minutes to run as system property
DERBY-4427TestConfiguration.existingServerSuite(....,portNumber) must use the supplied portNumber
DERBY-4425NullPointerException with INSERT INTO ... from UNION and columns generated from expressions
DERBY-4424Convert outerjoin.sql into JUnit
DERBY-4423Convert dropTable.sql into JUnit
DERBY-4421Allow Visitors to process the nodes bottom-up
DERBY-4420NullPointerException with INSERT INTO ... from EXCEPT/INTERSECT
DERBY-4419NullPointerException with INSERT INTO ... from UNION and identity columns
DERBY-4416Handle comparison of two constants as a boolean constant
DERBY-4415Make it easy to plug custom AST printers into the compiler
DERBY-4414NullPointerException with JOIN...USING and invalid table name in select list
DERBY-4413INSERT from SELECT DISTINCT gives assertFailure (sane), or NPE (insane) in presence of generated columns
DERBY-4412Make getNegation() abstract in BinaryComparisonOperatorNode and UnaryComparisonOperatorNode
DERBY-4411Scalar subquery erroneously rejected for not returning exactly one row
DERBY-4410NullPointerException when USING clause contains all columns in both join tables
DERBY-4409Make some tests run faster by using CleanDatabaseSetup + decorateSQL + rollback idiom
DERBY-4407StringIndexOutOfBoundsException in ij when result has no columns
DERBY-4405Transformation to inner join not performed for certain three-way joins
DERBY-4401Document USING clause in joins
DERBY-4399Syntax description for TableViewOrFunctionExpression lack subquery option
DERBY-4398Allow OFFSET/FETCH in subqueries
DERBY-4393lang.SequenceTest fails w/ "Sequence 'ALPHA_SEQ' already exists." on phoneME/cvm
DERBY-4392"Table/View / Constraint already exists in Schema 'APP'" in lang.CheckConstraintTest on phoneME/cvm
DERBY-4391NullPointerException when comparing indexed column with result from a set operation
DERBY-4388NullPointerException in RIGHT JOIN with NOT BETWEEN
DERBY-4387Infinite loop in PredicateList.joinClauseTransitiveClosure()
DERBY-4386JavaDoc warnings in several classes in impl/sql/execute/rts
DERBY-4384testDynamicArgsMetaData has been failing since Aug 24th on weme6.2 with NoSuchMethodError
DERBY-4382missing documentation from reference guide for ORDER BY null ordering clause (i.e. NULLS FIRST / NULLS LAST )
DERBY-4380Subqueries not allowed in ON clause
DERBY-4377Developer's Guide statement on shutting down Derby needs qualification
DERBY-4376Simple select runs forever
DERBY-4374Document the CROSS JOIN operation in the reference manual
DERBY-4372Wrong result for simple join when index is created
DERBY-4370Implement JOIN ... USING syntax
DERBY-4367Replace Utils.min and Utils.max in the client driver with standard methods in java.lang.Math
DERBY-4365NullPointerException when preparing LEFT OUTER JOIN between VALUES statements
DERBY-4361testDefault fixture in engine.ErrorStreamTest has been failing with junit.framework.AssertionFailedError: File C:\jartest\JarResults.XXdateXX\ibm15_suites.All\system\derby.log could not be deleted
DERBY-4356testStartStopManagementFromApplication(org.apache.derbyTesting.functionTests.tests.management.ManagementMBeanTest)junit.framework.AssertionFailedError: expected:(2) but was:(%)
DERBY-4355Implement CROSS JOIN
DERBY-4349Documentation build files incorrectly specify missing stylesheet
DERBY-4348Copy table content with "INSERT INTO table SELECT FROM (...)" statement leads to corrupt data
DERBY-4347Provide a property to increase network server start timeout for JUnit tests
DERBY-4342SQLSTATE 38000 (NullPointerException) at inner self join and value(x1, x2...)
DERBY-4341Building with ant all with a different CLASSPATH defined causes the build to fail
DERBY-4338Network client raises error "executeQuery method can not be used for update" when sql is preceded by /* */ comments
DERBY-4336Remove Blob and Clob interface methods from the list of unsupported methods in UnsupportedVetter
DERBY-4330NullPointerException or assert failure when re-executing PreparedStatement after lock timeout
DERBY-4326hang on winvista with IBM 1.6 SR5 in NSSecurityMechanismTest
DERBY-4322intermittent test failure in derbynet/runtimeinfo
DERBY-4318convert inbetween.sql to JUNIT
DERBY-4317convert columnDefaults.sql to JUNIT
DERBY-4313JDBC.dropUsingDMD() may skip dropping objects
DERBY-4311BaseJDBCTestCase.assertErrorCode() never fails
DERBY-4307testRunTests in RuntimeinfoTest fails periodically with Assertion failure checking output
DERBY-4304Network Server shutdown should handle exceptions and finish the server shutdown completely
DERBY-4297'compilation time did not compute (0,0,0,0) expected:(16) but was:(0)' in testGroupBySortProps(....tests.lang.XplainStatisticsTest)
DERBY-4293Mutable public static variables
DERBY-4290suites.All hangs on phoneME/cvm - caused by cvm/phoneME error
DERBY-4288Tools guide lists too many parameters for SYSCS_EXPORT_QUERY* procedures
DERBY-4284All Columns become Nullable when Using left join
DERBY-4283setEmbeddedCP should not exit on error
DERBY-4282strange behavior with the "update ... where current of c1" in the CheckConstraintTest
DERBY-4263PropertySetter isn't able to recognize JDK without version number in path
DERBY-4262test NetScripts fails with IBM's weme6.1
DERBY-4256allow alter table to increase the maximum size of a blob and a clob.
DERBY-4253documentation should indicate that a database cannot be upgraded if already booted in soft upgrade mode
DERBY-4248convert checkConstraint.sql to JUnit
DERBY-4244ALTER TABLE Sanity ASSERT in add column with autocommit off
DERBY-4236Update the FAQ for Derby 10.5
DERBY-4228Remove unused pre-i18n constructors in BatchUpdateException
DERBY-4223Provide the ability to use properties with ij.runScript()
DERBY-4213sttest needs to be adjusted to not run out of disk space
DERBY-4208Parameters ? with OFFSET and/or FETCH
DERBY-4199Write exceptions to file in the fail directory as they occur with JUnit tests
DERBY-4192OFFSET and FETCH FIRST documentation improvement
DERBY-4191Lack of SELECT privilege does not prevent SELECT COUNT(*)
DERBY-4190Incorrect example for SYSCS_DIAG.CONTAINED_ROLES in the reference manual
DERBY-4187Convert altertable.sql to JUnit
DERBY-4177Javadoc for BTreeLockingPolicy should not mention "scan lock" anymore
DERBY-4153Document that starting with 10.5 network server will attempt to create the trace directory if it does not exist
DERBY-4124Broken double-checked-locking in EmbeddedDataSource.findDriver
DERBY-4120derbyclient.jar is not a complete OSGi bundle
DERBY-4110When deleting rows from a table name with its synonym name, Derby throws SQLSTATE 42X04.
DERBY-4107The Reference Guide incorrectly describes the behavior of the DATE function when applied to an integer argument
DERBY-4106The Reference Gulde claims that the INTEGER function can be applied to dates and times
DERBY-4102Assert failure or ClassCastException in EmbedBlob when retrieving BLOB )= 32K
DERBY-4092You should not be able to invoke a table function as a scalar function
DERBY-4087Clean up debug printing of the abstract syntax trees after parsing, binding and optimization
DERBY-4081BTreeController.comparePreviousRecord() may fail to release latch on left-most leaf
DERBY-4069Wrong behavior when ROW_NUMBER is combined with ORDER BY
DERBY-4051The javadoc for SpaceTable refers to an alias that doesn't seem to work
DERBY-4047tests updatelocks and updatelocksJDBC30.sql are not run anywhere; should get evaluated
DERBY-4044Use helper methods from IdUtil to quote SQL identifiers in EmbedResultSet
DERBY-4038On Z/OS store/access.sql fails with encryptionAES and encryptionDES
DERBY-4000Reference manual leaves != out of list of boolean operators
DERBY-3947Cannot insert 994 character long string into indexed column
DERBY-3941Unsafe use of DataInput.skipBytes() in StoredPage and StoredFieldHeader
DERBY-3882Expensive cursor name lookup in network server
DERBY-3853Behaviour of setTypeMap() differs between embedded and client
DERBY-3852J2EEDataSourceTest may ignore some failures
DERBY-3844ASSERT failure in BasePage.unlatch() when running LobStreamsTest
DERBY-3842Convert "org.apache.derbyTesting.functionTests.tests.store.holdCursorExternalSortJDBC30.sql" to junit.
DERBY-3839Convert "org.apache.derbyTesting.functionTests.tests.store.holdCursorJDBC30.sql" to junit.
DERBY-3834Convert derbynet/runtimeinfo to JUnit
DERBY-3829Convert derbynet/sysinfo and derbynet/sysinfo_with_properties to JUnit
DERBY-3809Add a SHOW FUNCTIONS command to ij
DERBY-3757'ASSERT FAILED transaction table has null entry when running new StressMultiTest
DERBY-3729Error message is rather unrevealing when creating large databases on FAT32 drives
DERBY-3656ERROR XJ073: The data in this BLOB or CLOB is no longer available. should include the possibility that the lob has been freed
DERBY-3650internal multiple references from different rows to a single BLOB/CLOB stream leads to various errors when second reference used.
DERBY-3646Embedded returns wrong results when selecting a blob column twice and using getBinaryStream()
DERBY-3645Insert into selecting BLOB column twice leads to SQLException: Restore of a serializable or SQLData object of class error selecting from the table
DERBY-3635Cannot build SELECT LIST expressions involving row_number()
DERBY-3634Cannot use row_number() in ORDER BY clause
DERBY-3610Confusing error message when granting execute privilege
DERBY-3605Remove confusing statement "If there is an index defined on the table, the table can be renamed."
DERBY-3518Getting started guide: Incomplete instructions for compiling WwdEmbedded.java
DERBY-3478Simple column names specified as part of "AS" clause in a table expression are ignored if the table expression is a view.
DERBY-3376Test case in GrantRevokeDDLTest looks to be accidentally commented out...
DERBY-3259Tuning manual needs performance tip on compressing tables
DERBY-3225Some demo programs in -bin distributions are not mentioned in demo/programs/readme.html
DERBY-3207The bin scripts should be able to run when DERBY_HOME is not set
DERBY-3092Use java.util.concurrent in TransactionTable to improve scalability
DERBY-3070Developer's Guide upgrade topic "Soft upgrade limitations" needs updating for 10.3
DERBY-3062Docn errors in System procedure and Create procedure descriptions
DERBY-2992getBinaryStream returns incorrect result (truncated value) if underlying blob is deleted
DERBY-2895convert lang/declareGlobalTempTableJavaJDBC30.java to JUnit
DERBY-2845Devguide tips on debugging deadlocks should be clearer
DERBY-2769Implement error handling/parameter checking in Clob.setString
DERBY-2676Class name "com.ibm.db2j.aggregates.Aggregator" refered in error message is no longer correct
DERBY-2602TIMESTAMP value is truncated when return to client
DERBY-2487Enhance Derby with EXPLAIN Functionality
DERBY-2349Accessing a BLOB column twice in an INSERT trigger leads to errors in the value on-disk
DERBY-2282Incorrect "transitive closure" logic leads to inconsistent behavior for binary comparison predicates.
DERBY-2211java/testing/README.htm needs to be updated with information on JUnit tests
DERBY-2017Client driver can insert and commit partial data when a LOB stream throws IOException or does not match the specified length
DERBY-1748Global case insensitive setting
DERBY-1553With the change for DERBY-353 IDENTITY_VAL_LOCAL documentation needs to be changed to reflect the value inserted by the user for GENERATED BY DEFAULT
DERBY-1194Clarify wording for ways to manage the Network Server in the Derby Server and Administration Guide
DERBY-1160Document use of SPACE_TABLE to tell for tables and indexes: a) the number of pages allocated b) the number of empty pages
DERBY-887Select statement returns wrong number of rows if you compare an integer column with a boolean expression in the where clause
DERBY-870Update documentation on setting up LDAP user authentication.
DERBY-712Support for sequences
DERBY-711The documentation should explain that Derby database files are platform-independent
DERBY-700Derby does not prevent dual boot of database from different classloaders on Linux and Mac OS X
DERBY-482GENERATED BY DEFAULT option should be documented in Derby Tools and Utilities guide under "Importing into tables with identity columns" section.
DERBY-151Thread termination -) XSDG after operation is 'complete'

Fix for Security Bug CVE-2009-4269

Derby also fixes a security flaw tracked by the Apache Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures id "CVE-2009-4269". This flaw made it easy to crack passwords managed by Derby's BUILTIN authentication logic. Originally, the BUILTIN logic was intended only for testing purposes. However, Derby's user documentation suggested that this scheme was production-ready and it appears that many users rely on BUILTIN authentication in production. Tracked by DERBY-4483, the flaw is addressed as follows:

  1. The bug itself is corrected for newly created 10.6 databases.
  2. Password substitution is not allowed when logging into a database where the bug is corrected and BUILTIN passwords are stored in the database. See the release note for DERBY-4483 below.
  3. Derby's default password-hashing scheme is changed from SHA-1 to SHA-256, which is harder to crack.
  4. The user guides are glossed with warnings against production use of the BUILTIN authentication mechanism.

Users are urged to

  1. Migrate production systems off the BUILTIN mechanism onto Derby's LDAP and user-customized authentication schemes.
  2. Or hard-upgrade to immediately and perform the following additional steps:
    • Set derby.authentication.builtin.algorithm to a stronger authentication scheme like SHA-256 or SHA-512.
    • Reset all passwords stored in the database.
    • Stop using strong password substitution. Instead, encrypt all network traffic using SSL/TLS.


Compared with the previous release (, Derby release introduces the following new features and incompatibilities. These merit your special attention.

  • Note for DERBY-4602: Default hash algorithm for BUILTIN authentication changed to SHA-256
  • Note for DERBY-4483: Strong password substitution cannot be used with new defaults for BUILTIN authentication.
  • Note for DERBY-4432: The in-memory back end will no longer create a database if the virtual database directory already exists.
  • Note for DERBY-4380: Changed error code and message when referencing column not in scope in ON clause.
  • Note for DERBY-4355: CROSS is now a reserved keyword and cannot be used as an unquoted identifier.
  • Note for DERBY-4191: Some queries require additional SELECT privileges now.
  • Note for DERBY-3844: Applications may no longer obtain a LOB object, or a Reader or an InputStream, from the same column more than once per row.
  • Note for DERBY-2769: Comprehensive validity checks for the parameters of Clob.setString have been introduced.

Note for DERBY-4602

Summary of Change

Default hash algorithm for BUILTIN authentication changed to SHA-256

Symptoms Seen by Applications Affected by Change

If a database that uses BUILTIN authentication is opened on a platform that does not support the new default hash algorithm (SHA-256), the following exception may be seen when connecting to the database or when setting the password for a user:

ERROR XBCXW: The message digest algorithm 'SHA-256' is not supported
by any of the available cryptography providers. Please install a
cryptography provider that supports that algorithm, or specify another
algorithm in the derby.authentication.builtin.algorithm property.

The default algorithm is initialized to SHA-256 when the database is created. However, if SHA-256 is not available, it is initialized to the old default (SHA-1) instead. The error message above should therefore only be seen if the database was created on a platform that supports SHA-256 and opened on a platform that doesn't support SHA-256.

Incompatibilities with Previous Release

Databases created on a platform with support for the new default algorithm (SHA-256) may now require some changes before they can be used together with BUILTIN authentication on platforms that don't support the new algorithm. In previous releases, differences in the set of supported hash algorithms did not cause a need for changes when moving databases across platforms.

Rationale for Change

The default algorithm in previous releases (SHA-1) is not considered secure enough for most uses by U.S. government agencies. SHA-256 is widely recognized as more secure than SHA-1 and is therefore used as the default if the platform on which the database is created supports the algorithm.

Application Changes Required

If a database cannot be used on a platform because of this issue, one of the following steps must be taken:

Alternative 1

Recreate the database on the platform that doesn't support SHA-256. The new database will use the more widely available SHA-1 algorithm as default.

Alternative 2

Install a Java Cryptography Extension (JCE) Provider that supports the SHA-256 algorithm.

Alternative 3

On the platform on which the database was created, change the default algorithm to SHA-1 (or to some other algorithm known to be supported on the target platform) by executing the following SQL statement:

        'derby.authentication.builtin.algorithm', 'SHA-1')

If there are any users defined at the database level before the algorithm is changed to SHA-1, their passwords will have to be set again to ensure that they are rehashed with SHA-1. For example, if there's a user called 'alice' with the password 'secret', the password must be updated with this SQL statement before it can be used on the platform with no support for SHA-256:

        'derby.user.alice, 'secret)

Note for DERBY-4483

Summary of Change

Strong password substitution cannot be used with new defaults for BUILTIN authentication.

Symptoms Seen by Applications Affected by Change

In a database created with the new version of Derby, the BUILTIN authentication provider will by default store passwords in a way that's not compatible with the strong password substitution security mechanism. Applications that attempt to connect to the database using the Derby network client driver with securityMechanism=8 in the connection URL, will therefore fail to connect. The connection attempt will be refused with the following error message:

Connection authentication failure occurred. Either the supplied
credentials were invalid, or the database uses a password encryption
scheme which is not compatible with the strong password substitution
security mechanism. If this error started after upgrade, refer to the
release note for DERBY-4483 for options.
Incompatibilities with Previous Release

Applications that use BUILTIN authentication and the strong password substitution security mechanism will not be able to establish connections to the database if the database uses the new defaults for BUILTIN authentication.

Only databases created with the new version of Derby will automatically use the new defaults. Databases upgraded from previous versions of Derby will continue to use the old defaults, and they will not be affected unless the settings for BUILTIN authentication are changed manually to enable the new behaviour.

Rationale for Change

The default BUILTIN authentication scheme used in previous releases has a weakness that makes it vulnerable to attacks. In the new release, an alternative BUILTIN authentication scheme without this vulnerability has been added. Despite this new scheme's incompatibility with strong password substitution, it was made the default for databases created with the new release of Derby in order to improve out-of-the-box security.

Application Changes Required

Applications that are affected by this incompatibility can be made to work by making one of the following changes:

Alternative 1: Use another security mechanism

You can switch to another security mechanism by changing the value of the securityMechanism connection attribute. Only the strong password substitution security mechanism is incompatible with the new BUILTIN authentication. Note that if you pick one of the security mechanisms that send your credentials unencrypted over the network, you may want to enable network encryption and authentication with SSL/TLS. Details about how to change security mechanisms and how to enable SSL/TLS can be found in the Derby Server and Administration Guide.

Alternative 2: Revert to the old BUILTIN authentication behaviour

It is possible to revert to the old behaviour for BUILTIN authentication, which will make it possible to connect when using the strong password substitution security mechanism. To revert to the old behaviour, set the database property derby.authentication.builtin.algorithm to NULL (or to an empty string) by executing this SQL statement:

        'derby.authentication.builtin.algorithm', NULL)

If you have created any users before setting the above property to NULL, you will also need to set the passwords for all those users again to ensure that they are stored using the old format, since setting this property does not change how any existing passwords are stored. Users whose passwords are stored using the old format will be able to connect to the database with strong password substitution.

Note for DERBY-4432

Summary of Change

The in-memory back end will no longer create a database if the virtual database directory already exists.

Symptoms Seen by Applications Affected by Change

If database 'memory:/tmp/a/myDB' already exists, an attempt to create 'memory:/tmp/a' results in:

ERROR XJ041: Failed to create database 'memory:/tmp/a', see the next exception for details.
ERROR XBM0J: Directory memory:/tmp/a already exists.

Incompatibilities with Previous Release

If two (or more) in-memory databases are created, the application may fail to create the second database if the database paths are overlapping.

Rationale for Change

The fix makes the in-memory and the on-disk back ends consistent on this matter, and the change also fixes a memory leak when trying to boot a large number of non-existing in-memory databases (see DERBY-4432).

Application Changes Required

Adjust the paths of the in-memory databases if required. In some cases it may be sufficient to reorder the database creations, but this is not recommended as it would potentially have severe side-effects with the on-disk back end (a database nested within another database).

There is no way to revert to the old behavior.

Note for DERBY-4380

Summary of Change

Changed error code and message when referencing column not in scope in ON clause.

Symptoms Seen by Applications Affected by Change

In the previous releases, SQL statements that referenced columns that were not in scope in the ON clause of a JOIN, would under certain conditions fail with the following SQLState and message:

ERROR 42972: An ON clause associated with a JOIN operator is not valid.

Now, the statements that used to fail with that message will instead fail with the following SQLState and message:

ERROR 42X04: Column 'T1.X' is either not in any table in the FROM list or appears within a join specification and is outside the scope of the join specification or appears in a HAVING clause and is not in the GROUP BY list. If this is a CREATE or ALTER TABLE  statement then 'T1.X' is not a column in the target table.
Rationale for Change

This change was necessary because the code that decided which of the two errors to raise, contained some logic that was not compatible with the introduction of sub-queries in ON clauses. Additionally, the new message makes it easier to see what is the problem with the statement, as it mentions both why the ON clause is invalid and the name of the column that is out of scope.

Application Changes Required

Applications that check for SQLState 42972 when SQLExceptions are raised, should now check for SQLState 42X04 instead.

Note for DERBY-4355

Summary of Change

CROSS is now a reserved keyword and cannot be used as an unquoted identifier.

Symptoms Seen by Applications Affected by Change

In previous releases of Derby, CROSS was not a reserved keyword, so applications could use CROSS as an identifier without quoting it. Applications that use CROSS as an identifier (for instance to name tables, views, columns, functions or procedures) and don't quote it, will now see errors similar to this one:

ERROR 42X01: Syntax error: Encountered "cross" at line 1, column 15.
Incompatibilities with Previous Release

Applications that use CROSS as an unquoted identifier will experience syntax errors.

Rationale for Change

CROSS was made a reserved keyword in order to support the CROSS JOIN operator. Also, the SQL:2003 standard defines CROSS as a reserved keyword, so applications that use it as an unquoted identifier are not portable.

Application Changes Required

SQL statements where CROSS is used as an unquoted identifier must be rewritten so that CROSS is enclosed in double quotes.


The statement create table cross(x int) must be rewritten to create table "CROSS"(x int). Similarly, the statement select * from cross will have to be rewritten to select * from "CROSS".

Note for DERBY-4191

Summary of Change

Some queries require additional SELECT privileges now.

Symptoms Seen by Applications Affected by Change

In previous releases, certain queries incorrectly succeeded when the user lacked sufficient SELECT privileges. For instance, the following query succeeded even if the user did not have SELECT privilege on the table:

    select 1 from anotheruser.table1

And the following query succeeded if the user had UPDATE but not SELECT privilege on the column:

    update anotheruser.table1 set a = ( select max(a) + 2 from anotheruser.table1 ); 
Incompatibilities with Previous Release

Now Derby raises a SQLException for those situations. For the first query above, the user must now enjoy SELECT privilege on at least one column in the table. For the second query, the user must now enjoy SELECT as well as UPDATE privilege on the affected column.

Rationale for Change

The old behavior violated the SQL Standard. The new behavior is correct.

Application Changes Required

Database Administrators may need to grant users additional SELECT privileges.

Note for DERBY-3844

Summary of Change

Applications may no longer obtain a LOB object, or a Reader or an InputStream, from the same column more than once per row.

Symptoms Seen by Applications Affected by Change

Derby will throw an exception with SQLState XCL18 (carrying the message "Stream or LOB value cannot be retrieved more than once") when any of the following result set methods are invoked for the second time on a given column on a row:

  • getBlob (new behavior)
  • getClob (new behavior)
  • getObject (new behavior)
  • getAsciiStream (current behavior)
  • getCharacterStream (current behavior)
  • getBinaryStream (current behavior)

Incompatibilities with Previous Release

Applications which obtain two LOB objects from the same result set column on a row now fail.

Rationale for Change

Obtaining several LOB objects from the same column causes resource management problems and intermittent errors (see DERBY-3844 for a description). The change is in line with the maximum portability statement found in the JavaDoc for java.sql.ResultSet.

Application Changes Required

Users must recode applications which obtain multiple LOB objects (java.sql.Blob or java.sql.Clob) on the same column. Note that for instance getCharacterStream(1) followed by getClob(1) will also raise the exception.

Note for DERBY-2769

Summary of Change

Comprehensive validity checks for the parameters of Clob.setString have been introduced.

Symptoms Seen by Applications Affected by Change

There are three possible symptoms, all observable when invoking Clob.setString:

  1. An exception may be raised at an earlier point in time than before.
  2. For failing invocations, the SQL state of the raised exception may differ.
  3. Invocations of Clob.setString with certain invalid parameters will now fail, whereas they succeeded before.

Incompatibilities with Previous Release

  1. offset less than zero or more than or equal to the length of str was accepted, but is now rejected.
  2. str with a value of null was accepted, but is now rejected.
  3. len less than zero was accepted, but is now rejected.
  4. offset + len more than the length of str was accepted, but is now rejected.

Rationale for Change

Make the parameter checking comply with the JDBC specification.

Application Changes Required

The following rules must be followed to avoid exceptions being raised when invoking Clob.setString:

  1. offset must be smaller than the length of str, and cannot be negative.
  2. str cannot be null.
  3. len must be zero or greater.
  4. offset + len must be smaller than the length of str.

Build Environment

Derby release was built using the following environment:

  • Branch - Source code came from the 10.6 branch.
  • Machine - Mac OS X 10.5.8.
  • Ant - Apache Ant version 1.7.1 compiled on June 27 2008.
  • JDK 1.4 - Java(TM) 2 Runtime Environment, Standard Edition (build 1.4.2_22-b02-329).
  • Java 6 - Java(TM) SE Runtime Environment (build 1.6.0_17-b04-248-9M3125).
  • Compiler - The 1.6.0_17-b04-248-9M3125 javac was used to compile all classes.
  • JSR 169 - J2ME support was built using libraries from phoneME Advanced Milestone Release 2.

Verifying releases

It is essential that you verify the integrity of the downloaded files using the PGP and MD5 signatures. MD5 verification ensures the file was not corrupted during the download process. PGP verification ensures that the file came from a certain person.

The PGP signatures can be verified using PGP or GPG. First download the Apache Derby KEYS as well as the asc signature file for the particular distribution. It is important that you get these files from the ultimate trusted source - the main ASF distribution site, rather than from a mirror. Then verify the signatures using ...

% pgpk -a KEYS
% pgpv db-derby-X.Y.tar.gz.asc


% pgp -ka KEYS
% pgp db-derby-X.Y.tar.gz.asc


% gpg --import KEYS
% gpg --verify db-derby-X.Y.tar.gz.asc

To verify the MD5 signature on the files, you need to use a program called md5 or md5sum, which is included in many unix distributions. It is also available as part of GNU Textutils. Windows users can get binary md5 programs from here, here, or here.

We strongly recommend you verify your downloads with both PGP and MD5.