DBDesigner is a tool which helps with database design. It is made for MySQL databases, mostly. DBDesigner kindly stores the model in XML files which contain most information that we need in the Torque schema. So this script was created to transform one form into the other.

To use the script D4-Torque.xslt, simply fire up the XSLT-processor of your choice and give it the DBDesigner model as an input.

This script was made for transforming a certain model into the associated Torque schema. So basically, "It works for me". Mostly the mapping of DBDesigner types into Torque types is incomplete. Any patches are welcome (as always).

DBDesigner is no longer actively being developed. It's successor, MySQL Workbench, is as far as we can see, ready, but the format of the model files will need adjustment when it's ready.

Mogwai ERDesigner

Mogwai ERDesigner is a tool for vizualizing the Database structure which uses an XML-based file format. The stylesheet schema2erd.xsl translates a Torque-schema into the mogwai-format. It transforms entities (=tables), attributes (=columns) and relations (=foreign-keys).

Only the location of the entities is missing so you have to arrange them by yourself. If somebody uses mogwai and Torque, this stylesheet may be helpful.