Latest Official Release

JDO 3.1 image March 20, 2015

Previous Official Releases

JDO 3.1-rc1 image September 22, 2013

JDO 3.0.1 image November 13, 2011

About JDO Releases

A release of JDO includes the JDO API and the Technology Compatibility Kit (TCK). The TCK is available only in source form. The API project is available as source and binary, and as raw jar files.

  • The api project contains source to build jdo-api.jar. The jar file is the only artifact needed for users who wish to compile their programs using the JDO API. It can be downloaded automatically by maven and placed into the local maven repository if you include the proper dependency in your maven project definition. Use groupId javax.jdo, artifactId jdo-ap and version 3.1. Alternatively, it can be downloaded manually and put into a location of your choice.

  • The tck project contains the JDO Technology Compatibility Kit. The source distribution is the only artifact needed to be downloaded by the user.

All are available for download as source, but if you wish to run the TCK you need only download the TCK project. The dependencies will be automatically downloaded by maven as jar files.

For information on running the TCK, see TCK. If downloading multiple source packages, extract them all into the same directory. This will preserve the source dependencies among the projects.

See Source Code Version Control for information about downloading the latest source code for all of the JDO projects.