The Apache JDO Project

Apache JDO is a sub-project of the Apache DB TLP. It includes two major areas:

  • JDO 1, Java Specification Request 12, API, Reference Implementation, and Technology Compatibility Kit.
  • JDO 2, Java Specification Request 243, API, and Technology Compatibility Kit. The Reference Implementation is being developed in parallel by JPOX.

The common external dependencies of JDO include the tools used to build and test it:

  • Subversion
  • Maven
  • Ant
  • JUnit

Other external dependencies of JDO are subproject-specific:

  • JDO 2.0 API
    • Java Transaction API
  • JDO 2.0 TCK
    • Java Transaction API
    • Jakarta Commons Logging
    • Log4j
    • Apache Derby
    • Spring Framework Core
    • JPOX
      • ASM
      • Source Forge c3p0
      • Commons DBCP
      • Commons Pool
      • Commons Collections