Torque Source code management

The Torque source code is located inside the Apache Software Foundation's subversion repository. If you have never worked with Subversion before, please take a look at the free subversion book and also at Source code repositories at the Apache Software Foundation to get more information.

The Torque 4 repository

Torque 4 Repository Structure

The base directory of torque 4 is db/torque/torque4. The main branch is located in the trunk subdirectory of that directory. The layout is:

      torque-maven-parent  <--- contains the maven parent project and files
                                common to all modules.
      torque-runtime       <--- contains the runtime module
      torque-generator     <--- contains the generator module
      torque-templates     <--- contains the generator templates module
      torque-maven-plugin  <--- contains the maven plugin module
      maven-ant-tasks      <--- contains the ant tasks module
      torque-test          <--- contains the test module
      torque-site          <--- contains the sources of the homepage 

Runtime, Generator, Templates, Maven 2 Plugin, Ant Tasks

These modules make up the main torque distribution. Tags and Branches are the same for all modules and are locate in the directories db/torque/torque4/tags and db/torque/torque4/branches.

Maven Parent

The maven parent module is a special module because it contains files that are needed in all main modules of the Torque source tree.

Test Project

The test project is used by Torque developers to test the functionality of Torque. See the test guide for an explanation of how to run the tests.


The Torque site contains the information global to all Torque releases such as main navigation, download page or the page you're currently reading.