JIRA Report

TORQUE-222Change unlock table behaviour in MSSQLClosedFixedThomas Fox
TORQUE-221Move MapBuilder functionality to Peer classClosedFixedUnassigned
TORQUE-220Use generics for BasePeerImplClosedFixedThomas Vandahl
TORQUE-219IdGenerator interface should throw TorqueException not ExceptionClosedFixedThomas Fox
TORQUE-218Enhance Derby adapter to use limit/offset functionalityClosedFixedThomas Fox
TORQUE-217Date default values should be possibleClosedFixedThomas Fox
TORQUE-216Rename class DB to AdapterClosedFixedThomas Fox
TORQUE-215Use prepared statements for queries and updatesClosedFixedThomas Fox
TORQUE-214Add a SummaryHelper class which supports aggregate queries.ClosedFixedCG Monroe
TORQUE-213Added support for SQL functionsClosedFixedCG Monroe
TORQUE-212Criteria.isSingleRecord() should throw TooManyRecordsException if more than one record is foundClosedFixedCG Monroe
TORQUE-211Don't use deprecated methods in DatabaseMapInitClosedFixedThomas Vandahl
TORQUE-210Do not use commons-lang NestableException any moreClosedFixedThomas Vandahl
TORQUE-209Rewrite torque generator as a general code-generation toolClosedFixedThomas Fox
TORQUE-208Remove the village component from codeClosedFixedThomas Fox
TORQUE-207Add auto-detection of the database adapterClosedFixedThomas Vandahl
TORQUE-206Use variable arguments for MethodCacheKey and MethodResultCacheClosedFixedThomas Vandahl
TORQUE-205Make AbstractBaseManager genericClosedFixedThomas Vandahl
TORQUE-201Change the interface org.apache.torque.adapter.IDMethod to an enumClosedFixedThomas Fox
TORQUE-200Generate methods in Peer classes to retrieve a single object from a tableClosedFixedThomas Fox
TORQUE-199change the property for schema configuration in the runtimeClosedFixedThomas Fox
TORQUE-198Move Join types from SqlEnum to an own Enum JoinTypeClosedFixedThomas Fox
TORQUE-196Make transaction handling pluggableClosedFixedThomas Fox
TORQUE-195Remove autocommit handling from Transaction managementClosedFixedThomas Fox
TORQUE-194create methods to create custom sql queries with prepared statement replacementsClosedFixedThomas Fox
TORQUE-193Allow other types than Columns as left hand side of a comparison in Criteria.ClosedFixedThomas Fox
TORQUE-192create method to set FROM clause from CriteriaClosedFixedThomas Fox
TORQUE-191make type attribute on column element mandatory in xsdClosedFixedThomas Fox
TORQUE-190Create new boolean attribute useDatabaseDefaultValue on column Element in SchemaClosedFixedThomas Fox
TORQUE-189create include-schema element in the database elementClosedFixedThomas Fox
TORQUE-188dbName == null should be interpreted as default databaseClosedFixedThomas Fox
TORQUE-187Allow joins with subselects in the FROM clauseClosedFixedThomas Fox
TORQUE-186BOOLEANINT and null valueClosedFixedThomas Fox
TORQUE-185Allow subselects which do not reference a columnClosedFixedThomas Fox
TORQUE-184remove defaultJavaNamingMethod and javaNamingMethod attributesClosedFixedThomas Fox
TORQUE-183allow for large schemas to be broken up into sub-schema filesClosedFixedThomas Fox
TORQUE-181Support table create options in mysqlClosedFixedThomas Fox
TORQUE-180It should be possible to have the save() method in peers instead of in the dbObject classesClosedFixedThomas Fox
TORQUE-179Torque type Date should be mapped to Date on MySQLClosedFixedThomas Fox
TORQUE-178Change semantics of add() and or() methods in CriteriaClosedFixedThomas Fox
TORQUE-177SQLFunction interface should extend ColumnClosedFixedThomas Fox
TORQUE-176Avoid additional brackets in sql if many same operators are chainedClosedFixedThomas Fox
TORQUE-175Support database viewsClosedFixedThomas Fox
TORQUE-174Remove adapters which are not supported any moreClosedFixedThomas Fox
TORQUE-173The generator should be able to combine all read source files into one source treeClosedFixedThomas Fox
TORQUE-172Order by for varchar columns is always case insensitiveClosedFixedUnassigned
TORQUE-171Add schema documentation to templatesClosedFixedThomas Fox
TORQUE-170Cleanup database adaptersClosedFixedThomas Fox
TORQUE-169Create other output modes for the generatorClosedFixedThomas Fox
TORQUE-168Use Objects instead of Strings for Column constants in Peers and CriteriaClosedFixedThomas Fox
TORQUE-167Remove the field Criteria.Criterion.dbClosedFixedThomas Fox
TORQUE-166remove the getOMClass() method, the CLASS_DEFAULT constant and the initClass() method in the generated peersClosedFixedThomas Fox
TORQUE-164Fix foreign key storage in database mapClosedFixedThomas Fox
TORQUE-163Map builders are emptied on Torque.shutdown() and not rebuilt on subsequent init()ClosedFixedThomas Fox
TORQUE-162Make constructor of static Torque object privateClosedFixedThomas Fox
TORQUE-161Create filler methods for related objectsClosedFixedThomas Fox
TORQUE-160Criteria should not inherit from hashtableClosedFixedThomas Fox
TORQUE-159Split generated peer classes into implementation and a static wrapperClosedFixedThomas Fox
TORQUE-158Joins in Criteria are serialized separately with no reasonClosedFixedThomas Fox
TORQUE-157fix splitup of instances between DatabaseMap and DatabaseClosedFixedUnassigned
TORQUE-155Use "${size} CHAR" instad of "${size}" as SQL for column size in oracleClosedFixedThomas Fox
TORQUE-153Fail if null connection is supplied to a methodClosedFixedThomas Fox
TORQUE-151Support Bit as PKClosedFixedThomas Fox
TORQUE-150use generics in the RuntimeClosedFixedThomas Fox
TORQUE-149If silentDbFetch is false, the add method for a related object has a throws clauseClosedFixedThomas Fox
TORQUE-148remove throws clause in setter for referenced object by a foreign keyClosedFixedThomas Fox
TORQUE-147Database objects should not need to inherit from BaseObjectClosedFixedThomas Fox
TORQUE-146Options should be made available in map builderClosedFixedThomas Fox
TORQUE-145remove inputValidator attribute on column elementClosedFixedThomas Fox
TORQUE-144remove alias attribute on table elementClosedFixedThomas Fox
TORQUE-142MYSQL - default timestamp set to current_timestamp generates classes incorrectlyClosedFixedThomas Fox
TORQUE-141Adding a way to set JDBC Driver fetchSize on statementClosedFixedThomas Fox
TORQUE-140change section order and headlines on index pageClosedFixedThomas Fox
TORQUE-139create torque 3 -> torque 4 migration guideClosedFixedThomas Fox
TORQUE-138rename the "torque 4" menu item to "general information"ClosedFixedThomas Fox
TORQUE-131remove "none" value of the attributes onUpdate and onDelete of the foreign-key elementClosedFixedThomas Fox
TORQUE-130remove the heavyIndexing attribute of the table elementClosedFixedThomas Fox
TORQUE-127remove "null" value of idMethod attribute in table elementClosedFixedThomas Fox
TORQUE-125Maven2 Plugin fails on local M2 repo containing spacesClosedFixedThomas Fox
TORQUE-124Thread safety problem in JndiDataSourceFactoryClosedFixedThomas Fox
TORQUE-122TorqueInstance.shutdown() skips closing databasesClosedFixedThomas Fox
TORQUE-121Peer generation, using Peer.vm does not call super class' methods but always calls BasePeer.method(...)ClosedFixedThomas Vandahl
TORQUE-120Inappropriate dependencies on Torque from TorqueInstanceClosedFixedThomas Fox
TORQUE-119Method "save" doesn't handle exceptions which results in unsavable objectsClosedFixedThomas Fox
TORQUE-118Maven2 plugin fails to detect that schema was changed when generating om, etcClosedFixedUnassigned
TORQUE-117Stopping IDBroker does not clear the cached idsClosedFixedThomas Fox
TORQUE-116property for object stateClosedFixedThomas Fox
TORQUE-115TorqueInstance.init(Configuration) - wrong implementationClosedFixedThomas Fox
TORQUE-113doDelete with invalid column should throw exception, not delete all rowsClosedFixedThomas Fox
TORQUE-112Delete via Join deletes all records in the tableClosedFixedThomas Fox
TORQUE-111Thrown RuntimeExceptions cause database connections to remain openClosedFixedThomas Fox
TORQUE-110unique name not parsed when generating mysql (sql/base/mysql/unique.vm)ClosedFixedThomas Fox
TORQUE-108Criteria addJoin causes incorrect SQL to be generated when optional schema references are in use (Oracle)ClosedFixedThomas Fox
TORQUE-107calling getRelatedObjects(Criteria) can result in NullPointerException if the collection has not be initialized (with a Criteria)ClosedFixedThomas Fox
TORQUE-100clone() method for CriteriaClosedFixedThomas Fox
TORQUE-96Can not use * or ? in LIKE clausesClosedFixedUnassigned
TORQUE-94DBOracle doesn't create proper TO_DATE() clause for TIMESTAMP(6) fieldsClosedFixedThomas Fox
TORQUE-91Index-column size attribute is documented but does not workClosedFixedUnassigned
TORQUE-89OrderByColumn for COUNT, SUMClosedFixedThomas Fox
TORQUE-85setOffset(int) in Criteria should be setOffset(long)ClosedFixedThomas Fox
TORQUE-78Criteria.setIgnoreCase ignores datatype of columnClosedFixedUnassigned
TORQUE-72Beans should not require torque.objectIsCaching = true setting to create all complexModel methods.ClosedFixedThomas Fox
TORQUE-67Code of the key objects in the package org.apache.torque.om needs review.ClosedFixedThomas Fox
TORQUE-48Initial Database XML Schema Definition (database.xsd)ClosedFixedUnassigned
TORQUE-45Generated SQL is in wrong order when dropping tables on table re-creationClosedFixedUnassigned
TORQUE-39Wrong database name in generated XML schema with jdbc taskClosedFixedThomas Fox
TORQUE-16LockTables is faulty in some adaptersClosedFixedThomas Fox
TORQUE-15Allow using database default values for columnsClosedFixedThomas Fox
TORQUE-14huge ids in idbroker using cleverquantityClosedFixedThomas Fox
TORQUE-13doDelete() should return the number of deleted datasetsClosedFixedUnassigned
TORQUE-11Torque Type Timestamp should be mapped to datetime in MysqlClosedFixedThomas Fox
TORQUE-9BasePeer.doDelete() should not load the datasets to delete themClosedFixedThomas Fox
TORQUE-7joins should support join operators other than equalClosedFixedThomas Fox