News and Status

This document contains the latest news and status regarding the Torque 4 project. It is here that you'll find announcements related to Torque 4.

20 September 2012 - Torque-4.0-beta1 released

This release of the Torque 4 branch allows feedback before the 4.0 release. The main changes with respect to Torque 3.3 are:

  • The "look and feel" of Torque 3 was maintained.
  • The generator is now a general-purpose code generator.
  • As the templates are now modular, it is easy to extend or modify the generated code without having to replace the whole templates.
  • A new Criteria implementation was created, with slightly changed semantics. The old Criteria implementation was retained but deprecated.
  • Prepared statements are sued throughout all queries.
  • Column names are now encapsulated in objects.

16 February 2010 - new Generator, Templates and Maven plugin

The generator was replaced with a brand-new general purpose code generator. The templates have been adopted to match this change. A new Maven plugin integrates the new generator in a Maven 2/3 build. An Ant tasks project integrates the new generator in an Ant build.

07 September 2008 - Torque 4 branch created

The idea of Torque 4 is to allow major reworking of the internals of Torque 3. The usage of Torque should not change much, however, some more exotic features could change. Some of the ideas are:

  • Replace the village library
  • Provide an alternative to the static peer classes
  • ...

Ideas and help are very welcome. Join the Torque Mailing lists.