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Typical points of contact are listed below. Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have questions related to the Apache DB project!

Product Support

If you have questions or comments about the software or documentation on this site, please subscribe to the appropriate mailing list listed here.

Security Issues

If you would like to report a security issue with any of our products, you may contact

The DB Project

If after reviewing the material on this site, you have questions regarding DB or the Project Management Committee, you may post them to the General mailing list.

Proposing a New Subproject

See our DB Subproject Proposals page.

The DB Website(s)

Most of the DB Website is maintained by the individual subprojects. Any comments regarding a product’s web pages should be directed to the appropriate subproject.

The portion of the Web site under site is managed as a joint effort by the subprojects and the DB Project Management Committee. Comments regarding these pages can be directed to the General mailing list, or to the [DB Webmaster’s]( mail box.

If you are unsure where to post, contact the DB Webmaster, who will direct you to the appropriate party.

The Apache Software Foundation

The DB Project is an effort of the Apache Software Foundation. The address for general ASF correspondence and licensing questions is

You can find more contact information for the Apache Software Foundation on the contact page of the main Apache site.