Goal Description
torque Calls the torque:sql and torque:om goals
torque:sql Generates the SQL for your project
torque:om Generate the Peer-based object model from *-schema.xml files
torque:datadtd Generates the DATA DTD for your project
torque:datadump Dump data from database into xml file
torque:datasql Generates sql from data xml
torque:create-db Creates your database from you XML schema file. Warning: This goal will drop all tables and recreate them. Any existing data will be lost!
torque:doc Generates an HTML document from your XMl schema file.
torque:jdbc Creates an XML schema file by reverse engineering your database.
torque:insert-sql Inserts the generated sql
torque:id-table-init-sql Generates initialization sql for ID Broker
torque:om-zip Moves source om files to separate jar and out of the source tree
torque:sql2xml Create an xml schema from an sql schema
torque:ojb Generates the repository and om for ojb (experimental)