Introductory note

This HOWTO was written some time ago and was targeted at the version of Torque that was coupled with the Turbine application framework. Contributions towards updating the information below can be submitted to the Torque Dev mailing list.

Sybase Howto

This text is a description of integration of Sybase ASE as the target database in a TDK generated application.

JDBC Driver Information

Sybase has a pure java jdbc driver, jConnect, that is free to use, but not open source. You may download this driver from Sybase.

Integration Steps

  1. Generate your application with the TDK as normal.
  2. Edit the project properties as instructed by the TDK.
  3. Before you run ' init' you will need to create the database. Automatic database creation for Sybase does not currently work, so the database must be created first.
  4. Place the jConnect jar file in your WEB-INF/lib directory.
  5. Run ' init' to generate and initialize the project.


  • The .sql files that the TDK build process generates files with the sql command terminated by a ; for use in the sql directive provided by the Ant build system. These scripts will not work properly if run by hand via the 'isql' command.
  • The .sql files to create the tables, do not correctly remove any constraints on the tables currently and may fail. Drop the tables by hand, then re-run ' insert-sql' to re-create and populate the tables.