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ij properties

ij properties

You set ij properties using the -D command on the command line or in a properties file that you specify using the -p propertyfile option on the command line.

ij property names are case-sensitive, unlike the ij commands, which are case-insensitive.

Here are some examples of using ij properties:

To start ij using the properties file ij.properties:

java org.apache.derby.tools.ij -p ij.properties

To start ij with a maximumDisplayWidth of 1000:

java -Dij.maximumDisplayWidth=1000 org.apache.derby.tools.ij 

To start ij with an ij.protocol of jdbc:derby: and an ij.database of sample:

java -Dij.protocol=jdbc:derby: -Dij.database=toursDB

To start ij with two named connections, using the ij.connection.connectionName property:

java -Dij.connection.toursDB=jdbc:derby:toursDB 

ij version 10.0 (c) 2001,2004 IBM Corp.
ij(HISTORY)> show connections;
HISTORY* -    jdbc:derby:History
TOURSDB -     jdbc:derby:toursDB
* = current connection
To start ij to connect to the Derby Network Server, you must specify the user and password attributes on the URL. See the Derby Server and Administration Guide for more information.

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