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Starting ij

Starting ij

To start ij from a command line, be sure derbytools.jar is in your class path. If you are using Derby as a database server, start the server before connecting to the Derby database.

To start ij, use this command:

java [options] org.apache.derby.tools.ij [-p propertyFile] [inputFile]

The command line items are:

  • java

    The JVM you want to run (java is the name of the JVM program).

  • options

    Options used by the JVM. You can specify -D options to set ij properties (see ij properties) or system properties such as Derby properties.

  • propertyFile

    You can set ij properties in a file. The property file should be in the format created by the java.util.Properties.save methods, which is the same format as that of the derby.properties file. A sample ij properties file is not provided.

  • inputFile

    A file from which to read commands. ij exits at the end of the file or an exit command. Using an input file causes ij to print out the commands as it runs them. If you reroute standard input, ij does not print out the commands. If you do not supply an input file, ij reads from standard input.

For detailed reference about ij commands, see "ij commands and errors reference".

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