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Packages that use PersistenceCapable.ObjectIdFieldConsumer
javax.jdo.spi This package contains the interfaces and classes used by JDO implementations. 

Uses of PersistenceCapable.ObjectIdFieldConsumer in javax.jdo.spi

Subinterfaces of PersistenceCapable.ObjectIdFieldConsumer in javax.jdo.spi
static interface PersistenceCapable.ObjectIdFieldManager
          This interface is a convenience interface that allows an instance to implement both ObjectIdFieldSupplier and ObjectIdFieldConsumer.

Methods in javax.jdo.spi with parameters of type PersistenceCapable.ObjectIdFieldConsumer
 void JDOImplHelper.copyKeyFieldsFromObjectId(java.lang.Class pcClass, PersistenceCapable.ObjectIdFieldConsumer fm, java.lang.Object oid)
          Copy fields to an outside source from the key fields in the ObjectId.
 void PersistenceCapable.jdoCopyKeyFieldsFromObjectId(PersistenceCapable.ObjectIdFieldConsumer fm, java.lang.Object oid)
          Copy fields to an outside consumer from the key fields in the ObjectId.

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