Uses of Interface

Packages that use TypeMetadata
javax.jdo This package contains the JDO specification interfaces and classes. 
javax.jdo.metadata This package contains classes representing the different components of the JDO Metadata. 

Uses of TypeMetadata in javax.jdo

Methods in javax.jdo that return TypeMetadata
 TypeMetadata PersistenceManagerFactory.getMetadata(java.lang.String className)
          Method to return the metadata object for the specified class/interface, if there is metadata defined for that class/interface.

Uses of TypeMetadata in javax.jdo.metadata

Subinterfaces of TypeMetadata in javax.jdo.metadata
 interface ClassMetadata
          Represents a class.
 interface InterfaceMetadata
          Represents a persistent-interface.

Methods in javax.jdo.metadata that return TypeMetadata
 TypeMetadata TypeMetadata.setCacheable(boolean cacheable)
          Method to set whether this is cacheable
 TypeMetadata TypeMetadata.setCatalog(java.lang.String catalog)
          Method to set the catalog (ORM) for this component
 TypeMetadata TypeMetadata.setDetachable(boolean detachable)
          Method to set whether this is detachable
 TypeMetadata TypeMetadata.setEmbeddedOnly(boolean embedded)
          Method to set whether it is stored only as embedded in other objects.
 TypeMetadata TypeMetadata.setIdentityType(IdentityType id)
          Method to define the identity type to use.
 TypeMetadata TypeMetadata.setObjectIdClass(java.lang.String idclass)
          Method to set the object-id (PK) class.
 TypeMetadata TypeMetadata.setRequiresExtent(boolean extent)
          Method to set whether the component requires an extent.
 TypeMetadata TypeMetadata.setSchema(java.lang.String schema)
          Method to set the schema (ORM) for this component
 TypeMetadata TypeMetadata.setSerializeRead(boolean flag)
          Method to set the default value of serializeRead for objects of this type.
 TypeMetadata TypeMetadata.setTable(java.lang.String table)
          Method to set the table name.

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