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Packages that use QueryMetadata
javax.jdo.metadata This package contains classes representing the different components of the JDO Metadata. 

Uses of QueryMetadata in javax.jdo.metadata

Methods in javax.jdo.metadata that return QueryMetadata
 QueryMetadata[] JDOMetadata.getQueries()
          Accessor for any named queries defined on the JDO Metadata.
 QueryMetadata[] TypeMetadata.getQueries()
          Accessor for all named queries defined on the component.
 QueryMetadata JDOMetadata.newQueryMetadata(java.lang.String name)
          Add a new named query to this JDO Metadata.
 QueryMetadata TypeMetadata.newQueryMetadata(java.lang.String name)
          Add a new query for this component.
 QueryMetadata QueryMetadata.setFetchPlan(java.lang.String fetchPlanName)
          Method to set the FetchPlan to use for this named query.
 QueryMetadata QueryMetadata.setLanguage(java.lang.String lang)
          Method to set the language of the query.
 QueryMetadata QueryMetadata.setQuery(java.lang.String query)
          Method to set the single-string query.
 QueryMetadata QueryMetadata.setResultClass(java.lang.String clsName)
          Method to set the result class name for the query
 QueryMetadata QueryMetadata.setUnique(boolean unique)
          Method to set if the query results are unique
 QueryMetadata QueryMetadata.setUnmodifiable()
          Method to set the query as not being modifiable from now.

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