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Packages that use Metadata
javax.jdo.metadata This package contains classes representing the different components of the JDO Metadata. 

Uses of Metadata in javax.jdo.metadata

Subinterfaces of Metadata in javax.jdo.metadata
 interface ArrayMetadata
          Represents details of an array in a field/property in a class.
 interface ClassMetadata
          Represents a class.
 interface CollectionMetadata
          Represents details of a collection in a field/property in a class.
 interface ColumnMetadata
          Represents an element in a collection/array.
 interface DatastoreIdentityMetadata
          Represents the datastore identity of a class.
 interface DiscriminatorMetadata
          Represents the discriminator for inheritance purposes for this class.
 interface ElementMetadata
          Represents an element in a collection/array.
 interface EmbeddedMetadata
          Represents embedding details of a field/property in a class.
 interface FetchGroupMetadata
          Represents a fetch group for a class.
 interface FetchPlanMetadata
          Represents a fetch plan for a class.
 interface FieldMetadata
          Represents a field in a class.
 interface ForeignKeyMetadata
          Represents a FK constraint in an ORM context.
 interface IndexMetadata
          Represents an index.
 interface InheritanceMetadata
          Represents the inheritance of a class.
 interface InterfaceMetadata
          Represents a persistent-interface.
 interface JDOMetadata
          Represents the top-level JDO metadata.
 interface JoinMetadata
          Represents join information.
 interface KeyMetadata
          Represents a key in a map.
 interface MapMetadata
          Represents details of a map in a field/property in a class.
 interface MemberMetadata
          Represents a field/property in a class/persistent-interface.
 interface OrderMetadata
          Represents ordering of a collection field/property.
 interface PackageMetadata
          Represents a package within a JDOMetadata.
 interface PrimaryKeyMetadata
          Represents the primary key definition of a class.
 interface PropertyMetadata
          Represents a property in a class/persistent-interface.
 interface QueryMetadata
          Represents a named query.
 interface SequenceMetadata
          Represents a sequence.
 interface TypeMetadata
          Represents a class or interface.
 interface UniqueMetadata
          Represents a unique constraint.
 interface ValueMetadata
          Represents a value in a map.
 interface VersionMetadata
          Represents versioning of a class.

Methods in javax.jdo.metadata that return Metadata
 Metadata Metadata.getParent()
          Accessor for the parent metadata component.

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