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Packages that use MemberMetadata
javax.jdo.metadata This package contains classes representing the different components of the JDO Metadata. 

Uses of MemberMetadata in javax.jdo.metadata

Subinterfaces of MemberMetadata in javax.jdo.metadata
 interface FieldMetadata
          Represents a field in a class.
 interface PropertyMetadata
          Represents a property in a class/persistent-interface.

Methods in javax.jdo.metadata that return MemberMetadata
 MemberMetadata[] EmbeddedMetadata.getMembers()
          Accessor for all fields/properties defined on the fetch group.
 MemberMetadata[] UniqueMetadata.getMembers()
          Accessor for all fields/properties defined on the unique constraint.
 MemberMetadata[] FetchGroupMetadata.getMembers()
          Accessor for all fields/properties defined on the fetch group.
 MemberMetadata[] TypeMetadata.getMembers()
          Accessor for all fields/properties defined on the component.
 MemberMetadata[] IndexMetadata.getMembers()
          Accessor for all member(s) defined on the index.
 MemberMetadata[] ForeignKeyMetadata.getMembers()
          Accessor for all fields/properties defined on the FK.
 MemberMetadata MemberMetadata.setCacheable(boolean cacheable)
          Method to set whether this is cacheable
 MemberMetadata MemberMetadata.setColumn(java.lang.String col)
          Method to set the column name.
 MemberMetadata MemberMetadata.setCustomStrategy(java.lang.String strategy)
          Method to set the custom identity generation strategy.
 MemberMetadata MemberMetadata.setDefaultFetchGroup(boolean dfg)
          Method to set whether it is in the DFG.
 MemberMetadata MemberMetadata.setDeleteAction(ForeignKeyAction action)
          Method to set the delete action of the FK
 MemberMetadata MemberMetadata.setDependent(boolean unique)
          Method to set whether it is unique.
 MemberMetadata MemberMetadata.setEmbedded(boolean emb)
          Method to set whether it is embedded.
 MemberMetadata MemberMetadata.setFieldType(java.lang.String type)
          Method to set the field type(s).
 MemberMetadata MemberMetadata.setIndexed(boolean index)
          Method to set whether it is indexed.
 MemberMetadata MemberMetadata.setLoadFetchGroup(java.lang.String grp)
          Method to set the load fetch group.
 MemberMetadata MemberMetadata.setMappedBy(java.lang.String map)
          Method to set the field on the other side of a bidirectional relation (this side is owner)
 MemberMetadata MemberMetadata.setName(java.lang.String name)
          Method to set the name.
 MemberMetadata MemberMetadata.setNullValue(NullValue val)
          Method to set the behaviour of a null value
 MemberMetadata MemberMetadata.setPersistenceModifier(PersistenceModifier mod)
          Method to set the persistence-modifier of the field/property.
 MemberMetadata MemberMetadata.setPrimaryKey(boolean pk)
          Method to set whether it is part of the pk
 MemberMetadata MemberMetadata.setRecursionDepth(int depth)
          Method to set the recursion depth (when used in a fetch group).
 MemberMetadata MemberMetadata.setSequence(java.lang.String seq)
          Method to set the sequence (when using value-strategy of "sequence")
 MemberMetadata MemberMetadata.setSerialized(boolean ser)
          Method to set whether it is serialized.
 MemberMetadata MemberMetadata.setTable(java.lang.String table)
          Method to set the table name.
 MemberMetadata MemberMetadata.setUnique(boolean unique)
          Method to set whether it is unique.
 MemberMetadata MemberMetadata.setValueStrategy(IdGeneratorStrategy str)
          Method to set the value strategy

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