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Packages that use CollectionMetadata
javax.jdo.metadata This package contains classes representing the different components of the JDO Metadata. 

Uses of CollectionMetadata in javax.jdo.metadata

Methods in javax.jdo.metadata that return CollectionMetadata
 CollectionMetadata MemberMetadata.getCollectionMetadata()
          Accessor for the array details.
 CollectionMetadata MemberMetadata.newCollectionMetadata()
          Method to define the array details (if the field/property is an array)
 CollectionMetadata CollectionMetadata.setDependentElement(boolean val)
          Method to set whether the element is dependent
 CollectionMetadata CollectionMetadata.setElementType(java.lang.String type)
          Method to set the name of the element type
 CollectionMetadata CollectionMetadata.setEmbeddedElement(boolean val)
          Method to set whether the element is embedded
 CollectionMetadata CollectionMetadata.setSerializedElement(boolean val)
          Method to set whether the element is serialised

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