Uses of Interface

Packages that use Extent
javax.jdo This package contains the JDO specification interfaces and classes. 

Uses of Extent in javax.jdo

Methods in javax.jdo that return Extent
<T> Extent<T>
PersistenceManager.getExtent(java.lang.Class<T> persistenceCapableClass)
          Equivalent to getExtent (persistenceCapableClass, true).
<T> Extent<T>
PersistenceManager.getExtent(java.lang.Class<T> persistenceCapableClass, boolean subclasses)
          The PersistenceManager manages a collection of instances in the data store based on the class of the instances.

Methods in javax.jdo with parameters of type Extent
 Query PersistenceManager.newQuery(Extent cln)
          Create a new Query with the Class of the candidate instances and candidate Extent.
 Query PersistenceManager.newQuery(Extent cln, java.lang.String filter)
          Create a new Query with the candidate Extent and filter; the class is taken from the Extent.
 void Query.setCandidates(Extent pcs)
          Set the candidate Extent to query.

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