Package javax.jdo.annotations

Enum Summary
DiscriminatorStrategy Enumeration of the discriminator strategy values.
ForeignKeyAction Enumeration of the foreign-key delete/update action values.
IdentityType Enumeration of the identity type values.
IdGeneratorStrategy Enumeration of the id generator strategy values.
InheritanceStrategy Enumeration of the inheritance strategy values.
NullValue Enumeration of the "null-value" behavior values.
PersistenceModifier Enumeration of the persistence-modifier values for a field or property.
SequenceStrategy Enumeration of the sequence strategy values.
VersionStrategy Enumeration of the version strategy values.

Annotation Types Summary
Cacheable Annotation to specify that this class/field/property is cacheable in a Level 2 cache.
Column Annotation for a column in the database.
Columns Annotation for a group of columns.
DatastoreIdentity Annotation for the datastore identity of the class.
Discriminator Annotation for the discriminator of the class.
Element Annotation for the element of a collection/array relation.
Embedded Annotation to define that the object is embedded into the table of the owning object.
EmbeddedOnly Annotation for whether the class is only for persisting embedded into another object.
Extension Annotation for a JDO vendor extension.
Extensions Annotation for a group of extensions
FetchGroup Annotation for the fetch group of a class.
FetchGroups Annotation for a group of fetch-group objects
FetchPlan Annotation for the fetch plan of a persistence manager, query, or extent.
FetchPlans Annotation for a group of FetchPlan objects
ForeignKey Annotation for a database foreign-key.
ForeignKeys Annotation for a group of foreign-key constraints.
Index Annotation for a database index.
Indices Annotation for a group of index constraints.
Inheritance Annotation for the inheritance of the class.
Join Annotation for the join of a relation.
Joins Annotation for a group of joins.
Key Annotation for the key of a map relation.
NotPersistent Annotation to specify that the member is not persistent.
Order Annotation for the ordering component of an ordered container member, such as Java Collections Framework Array and List types and Java native array types.
PersistenceAware Annotation to specify that the class is persistence-aware.
PersistenceCapable Annotation for whether the class or interface is persistence-capable.
Persistent Annotation for defining the persistence of a member.
PrimaryKey Annotation on a member to define it as a primary key member of a class or persistent interface using application identity.
Queries Annotation for a group of named queries.
Query Annotation for a named query.
Sequence Annotation for a datastore sequence.
Serialized Annotation on a member (field or property) to indicate that the member is stored serialized.
Transactional Annotation to indicate that a member (field or property) is transactional but not persistent.
Unique Annotation for a database unique constraint.
Uniques Annotation for a group of unique constraints.
Value Annotation for the value of a map relation.
Version Annotation for the versioning of the class.

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