2011/01/16 - Apache ObJectRelationalBridge has been retired.

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Tutorial Summary

Summary of all OJB tutorials.

  • Object-Relational Mapping
    The Object-Relational Mapping tutorial walks though a basic metadata mapping for an object to a relational database.
  • The Persistence Broker API
    The PB tutorial demonstrates how to use the PersistenceBroker API which forms an object persistence kernel for OJB. While it is the lowest level API provided by OJB it is also exceptionally easy to use.
  • The ODMG API
    The ODMG API tutorial steps though using the ODMG 3.0 API provided by OJB. This is an industry standard API designed for Object Databases.
  • The JDO API
    JDO is a standard API for accessing persistent objects in Java. This tutorial steps through how to use OJB's JDO plugin.
  • The Object Transaction Manager
    The OTM is OJB's implementation of object level transactions. These are transactions independent of the underlying relational database providing more efficient resource utilisation and extremely flexible locking semantics.

Further strongly recommended documentation for all beginners:

  • OJB Queries
    This document explains the usage of the query syntax.
  • Basic O/R Technique
    This tutorial explains basic object-relational mapping technique in OJB like 1:1, 1:n and m:n relations, the auto-xxx settings for references and proxy objects/collections.
  • Tools to build large metadata mappings
    Explains how to build large metadata mapping and present useful tools.

by Brian McCallister, Armin Waibel