2011/01/16 - Apache ObJectRelationalBridge has been retired.

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Reference Guides Summary

Summary and explanation of the OJB reference guides.

  • PB guide
    This document explains specific usage of the PB API.
  • ODMG guide
    This document explains specific usage of the ODMG API.
  • OJB Queries
    This document explains the usage of the query syntax.
  • Basic O/R Technique
    This tutorial explains basic object-relational mapping technique in OJB like 1:1, 1:n and m:n relations, the auto-xxx settings for references and proxy objects/collections.
  • Platforms
    What OJB requires from relational databases, and how to let it know which database to use.
  • Logging configuration
    Detailed information about configuring the logging within OJB.
  • OJB.properties configuration
    The details on how to modify OJB's behaviour. This includes changing pluggable components.
  • JDBC Types
    This document explains the standard mapping of JDBC types to Java classes.
  • Repository Metadata
    The specific details of OJB metadata.
  • Advanced O/R Technique
    This document explains some advanced O/R techniques like Polymorphism and "OJB Extents", Mapping Inheritance Hierarchies, Nested Objects and so on.
  • Metadata Handling
    This document explains how the metadata xml file work and how the metadata information can be modified at runtime.
  • Deployment
    Specifics on what is required to deploy OJB, including deployment to EJB containers.
  • Connection Handling
    This document explains how OJB handles the Connection instances and how this can be user-configured.
  • Caching
    Documentation on the different object caching implementations and strategies included with OJB.
  • The Sequence Manager
    How to use different sequence management strategies with OJB.
  • Locking
    The optimistic and pessimistic locking capabilities of OJB.
  • OJB XDoclet Module
    Documentation for the OJB XDoclet module. The module can build mappings and schema.
  • OJB Performance
    A look at how OJB performs and how to use OJB's performance tests.

by Brian McCallister, Armin Waibel, Martin Kalén