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Derby is a DBMS, a database management system, accessed by applications through the JDBC API.

Included with the product you purchased are some standalone Java tools and utilities that make it easier to use and develop applications for Derby.

These tools and utilities include:

  • ij

    ij is Derby's interactive JDBC scripting tool. It is a simple utility for running scripts against a Derby database. You can also use it interactively to run ad hoc queries. ij provides several commands for ease in accessing a variety of JDBC features.

    ij can be used in an embedded or a client/server environment.

  • The import and export utilities

    These server-side utilities allow you to import data directly from files into tables and to export data from tables into files. (You can use the utilities in a client/server environment.)

  • Database class utilities

    These utilities allow you to store application logic in a database and to boot an application using the stored classes.

  • sysinfo

    sysinfo provides information about your version of Derby and your environment.

  • dblook

    dblook is Derby's Data Definition Language (DDL) Generation Utility, also called a schema dump tool. It is a simple utility for the dumping the DDL of a user-specified database to either a console or to a file. The generated DDL can then be used for such things as recreating all or parts of a database, viewing a subset of a database's objects (for example, those which pertain to specific tables and schemas), or documenting a database's schema.

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