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How this document is organized

How this document is organized

This document includes the following chapters:

  • "What are the Derby tools and utilities?"

    Overview of the tools and utilities, and Derby and JDBC basics for new or infrequent users.

  • "Using ij"

    How to get started with ij, a JDBC and SQL scripting tool.

  • "ij properties reference"

    Reference for ij properties.

  • "ij commands and errors reference"

    Reference for ij commands and errors.

  • "Using the bulk import and export procedures"

    Reference and how-to instructions for using bulk import and export.

  • "sysinfo"

    Reference information on the utility that provides information about your Derby environment.

  • "dblook"

    dblook is Derby's Data Definition Language (DDL) Generation Utility, which is more informally called a schema dump tool. It is a simple utility that dumps the DDL of a user-specified database to either a console or to a file. The generated DDL can then be used to recreate all or parts of a database, view a subset of a database's objects (for example, those which pertain to specific tables or schemas), or document a database's schema.

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