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How This Document Is Organized

How This Document Is Organized

This document includes the following chapters:

Part One: (Derby Server Guide):

  • "Using Derby in a Multi-User Environment"

    Describes the different options for embedding Derby in a server framework; explains the Network Server option.

  • "Using the Network Server with preexisting Derby applications"

    Describes how to change existing Derby applications to work with the Network Server.

  • "Managing the Derby Network Server"

    Describes how to manage the Network Server using the command line or the Network Server API.

  • "Derby Network Server Advanced Topics"

    Describes advanced topics for Derby Network Server users.

Part Two (Derby Administration Guide):

  • "Checking Database Consistency"

    Shows how to check the consistency of Derby databases.

  • "Backing Up and Restoring Databases"

    Shows how to back up a database while it is online.

  • "Logging on a Separate Device"

    Shows how to put a database's log on a separate device, which is helpful for the performance of large databases.

  • "Getting Locking Information"

    Shows how to get detailed information about locking status.

  • "Identifying and Reclaiming Unused Space"

    Shows how to identify and reclaim unused space in tables and related indexes.

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