Interface DArray

All Superinterfaces:
java.util.Collection, DCollection, java.lang.Iterable, java.util.List

public interface DArray
extends DCollection, java.util.List

The interface that defines the operations of an ODMG array. Nearly all of its operations are defined by the JavaSoft List interface. All of the operations defined by the JavaSoft List interface are supported by an ODMG implementation of DArray, the exception UnsupportedOperationException is not thrown when a call is made to any of the List methods. An instance of a class implementing this interface can be obtained by calling the method Implementation.newDArray.

ODMG 3.0
David Jordan (as Java Editor of the Object Data Management Group)

Method Summary
 void resize(int newSize)
          Resize the array to have newSize elements.
Methods inherited from interface org.odmg.DCollection
existsElement, query, select, selectElement
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add, add, addAll, addAll, clear, contains, containsAll, equals, get, hashCode, indexOf, isEmpty, iterator, lastIndexOf, listIterator, listIterator, remove, remove, removeAll, retainAll, set, size, subList, toArray, toArray

Method Detail


void resize(int newSize)
Resize the array to have newSize elements.

newSize - The new size of the array.

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