Package org.apache.ojb.odmg

Interface Summary
ImplementationExt Offers useful none odmg-standard methods of the odmg Implementation interface.
OdmgConfiguration This interface defines the configurable setting of the ODMG layer.
OJBTxManager The OJBTxManager defines the contract for associating the caller with the current or new transaction in ODMG.
TransactionAware TransactionAware is an interface that can be implemented to provide hooks into the Transaction interface provided by ObJectRelationalBridge.
TransactionExt Offers useful none odmg-standard methods of the odmg Transaction interface.

Class Summary
DatabaseImpl Implementation class of the Database interface.
Image This class encapsulates classes used to take persistence capable object state snapshoot and to detect changed fields or references.
ImplementationImpl Default implementation of the Implementation interface.
ImplementationJTAImpl Implementation of the ODMG Implementation interface for use in managed enviroments.
J2EETransactionImpl Implementation for use in managed environments.
LocalTxManager In a non-appserver environment, without a transaction manager, we can safely associate the current ODMG transaction with the calling thread.
NamedRootsMap ODMG NamedRoots implementation.
NamedRootsMap.NamedEntry represents an entry to the named roots table.
NarrowTransaction Wraps Transaction in managed environments.
ObjectEnvelope ObjectEnvelope is used during ODMG transactions as a wrapper for a persistent objects declaration
OJB Facade to the persistence ObjectServer system.
OJBJ2EE_2 Deprecated. use OJB.getInstance() with setting for 'ImplementationClass' declared in OJB properties file.
RuntimeObject Helper object encapsulates common used object properties/states, help to reduce needless metadata calls.
TransactionImpl Implementation of Transaction for Transaction.
TxManagerFactory The TxManagerFactory is responsible for creating instances of TransactionManagers.

Exception Summary
Image.ImageException Thrown if something unexpected is happen when handling the object images for state detection.
TransactionAbortedExceptionOJB This specialised exception allows us to capture the cause of an ODMG TransactionAbortedException.

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