Class PBCapsule

  extended by org.apache.ojb.odmg.PBCapsule

public final class PBCapsule
extends java.lang.Object

ONLY VALID FOR READ OPERATIONS! Capsulates the way to obtain PersistenceBroker instances when a odmg-tx is running or not - Do not forget to call the destroy() method after use. When a transaction was found we use the PersistenceBroker instance shipped with the Transaction (via HasBroker), else we try to obtain a broker using the given PBKey directly from the PersistenceBrokerFactory.

$Id: 365262 2005-12-31 18:29:11Z arminw $

Constructor Summary
PBCapsule(PBKey pbKey, Transaction tx)
Method Summary
 void destroy()
 PersistenceBroker getBroker()
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Constructor Detail


public PBCapsule(PBKey pbKey,
                 Transaction tx)
Method Detail


public PersistenceBroker getBroker()


public void destroy()

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