This package contains classes that provide the OJB sequence numering.


Interface Summary
SequenceManager SequenceManagers are responsible for creating new unique ID's - unique accross all "extent" object declarations in OJB metadata.

Class Summary
AbstractSequenceManager A base class for sequence manager implementations.
HighLowSequence The HighLowSequence is the persistent part of the SequenceManagerHighLowImpl.
SequenceManagerFactory Threadsafe factory class, creates SequenceManager instances.
SequenceManagerHelper Helper class for SequenceManager implementations.
SequenceManagerHighLowImpl High/Low sequence manager implementation generates unique and continuous id's (during runtime) by using sequences to avoid database access.
SequenceManagerInMemoryImpl Very fast in memory sequence manager implementation, only the first time an id was requested for a class, the manager query the database for the max id in requested column - all following request were performed in memory.
SequenceManagerMSSQLGuidImpl An Implementation Class that will retrieve a valid new value for a PK field that is of type 'uniqueidentifier'.
SequenceManagerNativeImpl Sequence manager implementation using native database Identity columns (like MySQL, MSSQL, ...).
SequenceManagerNextValImpl This SequenceManager implementation uses database sequence key generation (e.g supported by Oracle, SAP DB, PostgreSQL, ...).
SequenceManagerSeqHiLoImpl A High/Low database sequence based implementation.
SequenceManagerStoredProcedureImpl This solution will give those seeking an oracle-style sequence generator a final answer (Identity columns really suck).
SequenceManagerTransientImpl For internal use only!

Exception Summary
SequenceManagerException An exception thrown by SequenceManager implementations.

Package Description

This package contains classes that provide the OJB sequence numering.

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