Class SequenceManagerMSSQLGuidImpl

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public class SequenceManagerMSSQLGuidImpl
extends AbstractSequenceManager

An Implementation Class that will retrieve a valid new value for a PK field that is of type 'uniqueidentifier'. Since values for these types are generated through a 'newid()' call to MSSQL Server, this class is only valid for MSSQL Server 7.0 and up.
This SequenceManager can be used for any classes that have their PK defined as a 'uniqueidetifier'

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Andrew Clute

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Constructor Summary
SequenceManagerMSSQLGuidImpl(PersistenceBroker broker)
          Constructor used by SequenceManagerFactory
Method Summary
 java.lang.Object getUniqueValue(FieldDescriptor field)
          Returns a unique object for the given field attribute.
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Constructor Detail


public SequenceManagerMSSQLGuidImpl(PersistenceBroker broker)
Constructor used by SequenceManagerFactory

broker - PB instance to perform the id generation.
Method Detail


public java.lang.Object getUniqueValue(FieldDescriptor field)
                                throws SequenceManagerException
Description copied from class: AbstractSequenceManager
Returns a unique object for the given field attribute. The returned value takes in account the jdbc-type and the FieldConversion.sql2java() conversion defined for field. The returned object is unique accross all tables in the extent of class the field belongs to.

Specified by:
getUniqueValue in interface SequenceManager
getUniqueValue in class AbstractSequenceManager

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