Class JOnASTransactionManagerFactory

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public class JOnASTransactionManagerFactory
extends AbstractTransactionManagerFactory

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 java.lang.String[][] getLookupInfo()
          Returns an array of possible JNDI lookup / class names for the TransactionManager instance.
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Constructor Detail


public JOnASTransactionManagerFactory()
Method Detail


public java.lang.String[][] getLookupInfo()
Description copied from class: AbstractTransactionManagerFactory
Returns an array of possible JNDI lookup / class names for the TransactionManager instance. An array was used because for different application server versions the JNDI/class name may change.

Expect an [n][3] string array. Following arguments are available:


{{"JBoss", "java:/TransactionManager", null}};
In JBoss we lookup the TM via JNDI, so we don't need a TM factory class.

{{"Websphere 4", TM_DEFAULT_METHOD_NAME, ""},
{"Websphere 5", TM_DEFAULT_METHOD_NAME, ""},
{"Websphere >5", TM_DEFAULT_METHOD_NAME, ""}};
In Websphere we have to use a TM factory class and obtain the TM via a getTransactionManager() method call. The TM factory class is varied in different versions.

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getLookupInfo in class AbstractTransactionManagerFactory
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