Interface Summary
IdentityFactory Builds Identity objects to identify persistence capable objects within OJB.
ManageableCollection OJB can handle java.util.Collection as well as user defined collection classes as collection attributes in persistent classes.
PBLifeCycleListener The listener interface for receiving persistent object life cycle information.
PBListener Tagging interface for all implemented listener associated with an PersistenceBroker instance.
PBState Interface for tracing the life cycle of an PersistenceBroker instance.
PBStateListener The listener interface for receiving PersistenceBroker state changes.
PersistenceBroker PersistenceBroker declares a protocol for persisting arbitrary objects.
PersistenceBrokerAware This interface defines a protocol for persistent objects that want to be aware of the operations of the persistence broker.
PersistenceBrokerInternal Extended version of the PersistenceBroker specifying additional functionality that is only relevant internally.

Class Summary
Identity Represents the identity of an object.
MtoNImplementor Helper class to handle single m:n relation entries (m:n indirection table entries).
PBKey A immutable key to identify PB instances in pools, ...
PBLifeCycleEvent The PBLifeCycleEvent encapsulates information about the life-cycle of a persistent object.
PBLifeCycleEvent.Type Enum-like class for the event types.
PBStateEvent The PBStateEvent encapsulates information about the life-cycle/transaction demarcation of the used PersistenceBroker instance.
PBStateEvent.Type Enum-like class for the event types.
PersistenceBrokerEvent Base class for persistence broker events.
PersistenceBrokerFactory Convenience factory class that produces PersistenceBroker instances.

Exception Summary
KeyConstraintViolatedException Exception indicate an SQL key contraint violation.
OJBException Base class of all checked exceptions used in OJB.
OJBRuntimeException Base class of all unchecked exceptions used in OJB.
OptimisticLockException Exception that is thrown if a violation of an optimistic lock was detected.
PBFactoryException Is thrown by the persistence broker factory.
PersistenceBrokerException Base class for exceptions happening during persistence broker operations.
PersistenceBrokerSQLException Encapsulates a SQL exception thrown during a broker action.
TransactionAbortedException Is created when a transaction was aborted.
TransactionInProgressException Is called when an action was tried while there was already a transaction in progress.
TransactionNotInProgressException Is created when an action was tried that requires a transaction, and there was no transaction in progress.

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