This package provides classes for accessing fields of persistent classes.


Interface Summary

Class Summary
AnonymousPersistentField This class handle an anonymous persistent fiels for 1-1 association, and ojbConcreteClass
PersistentFieldAutoProxyImpl PeristentField implementation that attempts to detect the nature of the field it is persisting.
PersistentFieldAutoProxyImplNew Deprecated. replaced by PersistentFieldAutoProxyImpl.
PersistentFieldBase Abstract PersistentField base implementation class.
PersistentFieldDirectAccessImplNew Deprecated. replaced by PersistentFieldDirectImpl.
PersistentFieldDirectImpl This PersistentField implementation is the high-speed version of the access strategies.
PersistentFieldDynaBeanImpl A PersistentField implementation accesses a property from a DynaBean.
PersistentFieldDynaBeanImplNew Deprecated. replaced by PersistentFieldDynaBeanImpl.
PersistentFieldIntrospectorImpl A PersistentField implementation using JavaBeans compliant calls only to access persistent attributes.
PersistentFieldIntrospectorImplNew Deprecated. replaced by PersistentFieldIntrospectorImpl.
PersistentFieldPrivilegedImpl A PersistentField implementation using reflection to access but does cooperate with AccessController and do not suppress the java language access check.
PersistentFieldPrivilegedImplNew Deprecated. replaced by PersistentFieldPrivilegedImpl.

Package Description

This package provides classes for accessing fields of persistent classes.

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