Class PersistenceBrokerFactorySyncImpl

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public class PersistenceBrokerFactorySyncImpl
extends PersistenceBrokerFactoryDefaultImpl

Workaround for participate the PB-api in JTA transaction by implementing the Synchronization interface.
This may will be deprecated when we implemented a full JCA compliant connector.
When a new PersistenceBroker instance is created in method wrapBrokerWithPoolingHandle(, org.apache.commons.pool.KeyedObjectPool) the given PB instance is wrapped with PersistenceBrokerFactorySyncImpl.PersistenceBrokerSyncImpl before it was put to the PB-pool. When a PB instance was requested class try to lookup the current JTA transaction in wrapRequestedBrokerInstance( before the pooled PB instance was wrapped with the PB handle. If a running tx was found the PB instance was registered with the transaction using the Synchronization interface.

$Id: 365232 2005-12-21 22:36:07Z tomdz $
Armin Waibel

Nested Class Summary
static class PersistenceBrokerFactorySyncImpl.PersistenceBrokerSyncImpl
Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 PersistenceBrokerInternal createPersistenceBroker(PBKey pbKey)
          Return broker instance from pool.
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Constructor Detail


public PersistenceBrokerFactorySyncImpl()
Method Detail


public PersistenceBrokerInternal createPersistenceBroker(PBKey pbKey)
                                                  throws PBFactoryException
Description copied from class: PersistenceBrokerFactoryDefaultImpl
Return broker instance from pool. If given PBKey was not found in pool a new pool for given

Specified by:
createPersistenceBroker in interface PersistenceBrokerFactoryIF
createPersistenceBroker in class PersistenceBrokerFactoryDefaultImpl

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