Class ObjectCacheLocalDefaultImpl

  extended by
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public class ObjectCacheLocalDefaultImpl
extends java.lang.Object
implements ObjectCache

Simple, flexible local ObjectCache implementation using a HashMap to cache given objects.

The cache uses soft-references which allows objects (softly) referenced by the cache to be reclaimed by the Java Garbage Collector when they are not longer referenced elsewhere.

NOTE: Handle with care! If multiple PB instances are used (OJB standard behavior) you will run into synchronization problems.

Implementation configuration properties:

Property Key Property Values
timeout Lifetime of the cached objects in seconds. If expired the cached object was not returned on lookup call (and removed from cache).

$Id: 365232 2005-12-21 22:36:07Z tomdz $
Thomas Mahler, Armin Waibel

Constructor Summary
ObjectCacheLocalDefaultImpl(PersistenceBroker broker, java.util.Properties prop)
Method Summary
 void cache(Identity oid, java.lang.Object obj)
          Makes object persistent to the Objectcache.
 boolean cacheIfNew(Identity oid, java.lang.Object obj)
 void clear()
          Clear ObjectCache.
 java.lang.Object lookup(Identity oid)
          Lookup object with Identity oid in objectTable.
 void remove(Identity oid)
          Removes an Object from the cache.
 java.lang.String toString()
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Constructor Detail


public ObjectCacheLocalDefaultImpl(PersistenceBroker broker,
                                   java.util.Properties prop)
Method Detail


public void clear()
Clear ObjectCache. I.e. remove all entries for classes and objects.

Specified by:
clear in interface ObjectCache


public void cache(Identity oid,
                  java.lang.Object obj)
Makes object persistent to the Objectcache. I'm using soft-references to allow gc reclaim unused objects even if they are still cached.

Specified by:
cache in interface ObjectCache
oid - Identity of the object to cache.
obj - The object to cache.


public boolean cacheIfNew(Identity oid,
                          java.lang.Object obj)


public java.lang.Object lookup(Identity oid)
Lookup object with Identity oid in objectTable. Returns null if no matching id is found

Specified by:
lookup in interface ObjectCache
oid - Identity of the object to search for.
The cached object or null if no matching object for specified Identity is found.


public void remove(Identity oid)
Removes an Object from the cache.

Specified by:
remove in interface ObjectCache
oid - Identity of the object to be removed.


public java.lang.String toString()
toString in class java.lang.Object

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