Class ObjectCacheJCSPerClassImpl

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public class ObjectCacheJCSPerClassImpl
extends AbstractMetaCache

A global ObjectCache implementation using a JCS region for each class. Each class name was associated with a dedicated ObjectCacheJCSImpl instance to cache given objects. This allows to define JCS cache region configuration properties for each used class in JCS configuration files.
More info see turbine-JCS.

Implementation configuration properties:

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$Id: 365232 2005-12-21 22:36:07Z tomdz $
Matthew Baird (, Armin Waibel

Field Summary
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Constructor Summary
ObjectCacheJCSPerClassImpl(PersistenceBroker broker, java.util.Properties prop)
          Constructor for the MetaObjectCachePerClassImpl object
Method Summary
 void clear()
          Clears the cache
 ObjectCache getCache(Identity oid, java.lang.Object obj, int methodCall)
          This method handle all calls against the ObjectCache interface.
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cache, cacheIfNew, lookup, remove
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Constructor Detail


public ObjectCacheJCSPerClassImpl(PersistenceBroker broker,
                                  java.util.Properties prop)
Constructor for the MetaObjectCachePerClassImpl object

Method Detail


public ObjectCache getCache(Identity oid,
                            java.lang.Object obj,
                            int methodCall)
Description copied from class: AbstractMetaCache
This method handle all calls against the ObjectCache interface. Note: The parameter obj can be null - e.g. when lookup or remove method was called.

Specified by:
getCache in class AbstractMetaCache
oid - Identity of the target object.
obj - The target object itself or null if not available.
methodCall - Specifies the type of method call against the ObjectCache interface. AbstractMetaCache.METHOD_CACHE, AbstractMetaCache.METHOD_LOOKUP, AbstractMetaCache.METHOD_REMOVE.
The ObjectCache implementation.


public void clear()
Clears the cache

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