Class ObjectCacheFactory

  extended by

public class ObjectCacheFactory
extends java.lang.Object

Factory for ObjectCache implementation classes. Each given PersistenceBroker was associated with its own ObjectCache instance and vice versa.

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Thomas Mahler

Method Summary
 MaterializationCache createObjectCache(PersistenceBroker broker)
          Creates a new ObjectCacheInternal instance.
static ObjectCacheFactory getInstance()
          Get the ObjectCacheFactory instance.
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Method Detail


public static ObjectCacheFactory getInstance()
Get the ObjectCacheFactory instance.


public MaterializationCache createObjectCache(PersistenceBroker broker)
Creates a new ObjectCacheInternal instance. Each ObjectCache implementation was wrapped by a CacheDistributor and the distributor was wrapped by MaterializationCache.

broker - The PB instance to associate with the cache instance

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