Interface Summary
ConnectionFactory ConnectionFactory is responsible to lookup and release the connections used by the ConnectionManagerIF implementation.
ConnectionManagerIF The connection manager handles the life cycle of a connection.
JdbcAccess JdbcAccess is responsible for establishing performing SQL Queries against remote Databases.
JoinSyntaxTypes Constants used to denote the type of SQL syntax of JOINs
OJBIterator A Iterator extension internaly used by OJB to handle query results.
QueryCustomizer Interface for QueryCustomizer in CollectionDescriptor ...
RelationshipPrefetcher Interface for Relationship Prefetchers.
StatementsForClassIF A class that implements this interface serves as a cache for java.sql.Statements used for persistence operations on a given class.

Class Summary
BasePrefetcher Abstract Prefetcher.
CollectionPrefetcher Relationship Prefetcher for Collections.
ConnectionFactoryAbstractImpl Abstract base class to simplify implementation of ConnectionFactory's.
ConnectionFactoryDBCPImpl ConnectionFactory implementation using Commons DBCP and Commons Pool API to pool connections.
ConnectionFactoryFactory Factory for ConnectionFactory implementations.
ConnectionFactoryManagedImpl Deprecated. no longer needed to specify a specific ConnectionFactory class in managed environments.
ConnectionFactoryNotPooledImpl Base implementation without connection pooling.
ConnectionFactoryPooledImpl Connection factory which pools the requested connections for different JdbcConnectionDescriptors using Commons Pool API.
ConnectionManagerFactory Factory for ConnectionManagerIF implementations.
ConnectionManagerImpl Manages Connection ressources.
JdbcAccessImpl JdbcAccess is responsible for establishing performing SQL Queries against remote Databases.
MtoNCollectionPrefetcher Relationship Prefetcher for MtoN-Collections.
PagingIterator PagingIterator is wrapper around an OJBIterator to support startAt endAt positions.
PkEnumeration this class can be used to create enumerations of PrimaryKey objects.
PlainPrefetcher Prefetcher for plain list of objects (no relations).
QueryCustomizerDefaultImpl Default Implementation of QueryCustomizer.
ReferencePrefetcher Relationship Prefetcher for References.
RelationshipPrefetcherFactory Factory for Relationship Prefetchers
RelationshipPrefetcherImpl Abstract Relationship Prefetchers.
ReportQueryRsIterator RsIterator for ReportQueries
ResultSetAndStatement Intern used wrapper for Statement and ResultSet instances.
RowReaderDefaultImpl Default implementation of the RowReader interface.
RsIterator RsIterator can be used to iterate over a jdbc ResultSet to retrieve persistent objects step-by-step and not all at once.
RsIterator.ResourceWrapper Wraps a RsIterator instance as WeakReference.
RsQueryObject Helper class for RsIterator queries.
SqlBasedReportQueryRsIterator ReporQueryRsIterator based on SQL-Statement
SqlBasedRsIterator RsIterator based on SQL-Statement
StatementManager manages JDBC Connection and Statement resources.
StatementsForClassFactory Factory for StatementsForClassIF implementations.
StatementsForClassImpl This class serves as a cache for Statements that are used for persistence operations on a given class.

Exception Summary
LookupException Thrown if a resource lookup failed.

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