Constant Field Values

public static final int TYPE_AFTER_DELETE 5
public static final int TYPE_AFTER_INSERT 7
public static final int TYPE_AFTER_LOOKUP 6
public static final int TYPE_AFTER_UPDATE 4
public static final int TYPE_BEFORE_DELETE 2
public static final int TYPE_BEFORE_INSERT 1
public static final int TYPE_BEFORE_UPDATE 3
public static final int KEY_AFTER_BEGIN 5
public static final int KEY_AFTER_COMMIT 6
public static final int KEY_AFTER_OPEN 7
public static final int KEY_AFTER_ROLLBACK 8
public static final int KEY_BEFORE_BEGIN 2
public static final int KEY_BEFORE_CLOSE 1
public static final int KEY_BEFORE_COMMIT 3
public static final int KEY_BEFORE_ROLLBACK 4
public static final java.lang.String PARAM_NAME_POOL_STATEMENTS "poolPreparedStatements"
public static final java.lang.String PARAM_NAME_STATEMENT_POOL_MAX_TOTAL "maxOpenPreparedStatements"
public static final java.lang.String PARAM_NAME_UNWRAP_ALLOWED "accessToUnderlyingConnectionAllowed"
public static final byte ORACLE_JOIN_SYNTAX 2
public static final byte SQL92_JOIN_SYNTAX 0
public static final byte SQL92_NOPAREN_JOIN_SYNTAX 1
public static final byte SYBASE_JOIN_SYNTAX 3
public static final long serialVersionUID -1283322922537162249L
public static final int FETCH_SIZE_NOT_APPLICABLE -1
public static final int FETCH_SIZE_NOT_EXPLICITLY_SET 0
public static final int METHOD_CACHE 1
public static final int METHOD_LOOKUP 2
public static final int METHOD_REMOVE 3
public static final java.lang.String AUTOSYNC_PROP "autoSync"
public static final java.lang.String CACHING_KEY_TYPE_PROP "cachingKeyType"
public static final java.lang.String SOFT_REFERENCES_PROP "useSoftReferences"
public static final java.lang.String TIMEOUT_PROP "timeout"
public static final int TYPE_CACHED_READ 7
public static final int TYPE_NEW_MATERIALIZED 11
public static final int TYPE_TEMP -1
public static final int TYPE_UNKNOWN 0
public static final int TYPE_WRITE 5
public static final java.lang.String DEFAULT_REGION "ojbDefaultJCSRegion"
public static final java.lang.String APPLICATION_CACHE_PROP "applicationCache"
public static final java.lang.String COPY_STRATEGY_PROP "copyStrategy"
public static final java.lang.String FORCE_PROXIES "forceProxies"
public static final java.lang.String PBFACTORY_JNDI_NAME "java:/ojb/PBAPI"
public static final int IL_DEFAULT 2
public static final int IL_NONE -1
public static final int IL_OPTIMISTIC 4
public static final int IL_READ_COMMITTED 3
public static final int IL_READ_UNCOMMITTED 2
public static final int IL_REPEATABLE_READ 5
public static final int IL_SERIALIZABLE 7
public static final java.lang.String LITERAL_IL_NONE "none"
public static final java.lang.String LITERAL_IL_OPTIMISTIC "optimistic"
public static final java.lang.String LITERAL_IL_READ_COMMITTED "read-committed"
public static final java.lang.String LITERAL_IL_READ_UNCOMMITTED "read-uncommitted"
public static final java.lang.String LITERAL_IL_REPEATABLE_READ "repeatable-read"
public static final java.lang.String LITERAL_IL_SERIALIZABLE "serializable"
public static final long DEFAULT_BLOCK_TIMEOUT 1000L
public static final long DEFAULT_LOCK_TIMEOUT 60000L
public static final byte METHOD_BLOCK_TIMEOUT 99
public static final byte METHOD_BLOCK_TIMEOUT_SET 100
public static final byte METHOD_CHECK_READ 114
public static final byte METHOD_CHECK_UPGRADE 118
public static final byte METHOD_CHECK_WRITE 119
public static final byte METHOD_LOCK_INFO 105
public static final byte METHOD_LOCK_TIMEOUT 116
public static final byte METHOD_LOCK_TIMEOUT_SET 121
public static final byte METHOD_READ_LOCK 97
public static final byte METHOD_RELEASE_LOCKS 120
public static final byte METHOD_RELEASE_SINGLE_LOCK 101
public static final byte METHOD_UPGRADE_LOCK 117
public static final byte METHOD_WRITE_LOCK 115
public static final java.lang.String DYNAMIC_STR "dynamic"
public static final java.lang.String OJB_CONCRETE_CLASS "ojbConcreteClass"
public static final java.lang.String DBCP_PROPERTY_NAME_PREFIX "dbcp."
public static final java.lang.String FETCH_SIZE "fetchSize"
public static final java.lang.String JDBC_PROPERTY_NAME_PREFIX "jdbc."
public static final java.lang.String ACCESS_ANONYMOUS "anonymous"
public static final java.lang.String ACCESS_READONLY "readonly"
public static final java.lang.String ACCESS_READWRITE "readwrite"
public static final int AUTO_COMMIT_IGNORE_STATE 0
public static final int AUTO_COMMIT_SET_FALSE 2
public static final java.lang.String DRIVER_DB2 ""
public static final java.lang.String DRIVER_DB2_INET "com.inet.drda.DRDADriver"
public static final java.lang.String DRIVER_FIREBIRD "org.firebirdsql.jdbc.FBDriver"
public static final java.lang.String DRIVER_HSQLDB "org.hsqldb.jdbcDriver"
public static final java.lang.String DRIVER_INET_POOLED "com.inet.pool.PoolDriver"
public static final java.lang.String DRIVER_INFORMIX "com.informix.jdbc.IfxDriver"
public static final java.lang.String DRIVER_JTDS "net.sourceforge.jtds.jdbc.Driver"
public static final java.lang.String DRIVER_MAXDB ""
public static final java.lang.String DRIVER_MCKOI "com.mckoi.JDBCDriver"
public static final java.lang.String DRIVER_MSSQLSERVER ""
public static final java.lang.String DRIVER_MSSQLSERVER_INET "com.inet.tds.TdsDriver"
public static final java.lang.String DRIVER_MSSQLSERVER_JSQLCONNECT "com.jnetdirect.jsql.JSQLDriver"
public static final java.lang.String DRIVER_MYSQL "com.mysql.jdbc.Driver"
public static final java.lang.String DRIVER_MYSQL_OLD ""
public static final java.lang.String DRIVER_ORACLE "oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleDriver"
public static final java.lang.String DRIVER_ORACLE_INET "com.inet.ora.OraDriver"
public static final java.lang.String DRIVER_POSTGRESQL "org.postgresql.Driver"
public static final java.lang.String DRIVER_SAPDB ""
public static final java.lang.String DRIVER_SYBASE "com.sybase.jdbc2.jdbc.SybDriver"
public static final java.lang.String DRIVER_SYBASE_INET "com.inet.syb.SybDriver"
public static final java.lang.String DRIVER_SYBASE_OLD "com.sybase.jdbc.SybDriver"
public static final java.lang.String PLATFORM_DB2 "Db2"
public static final java.lang.String PLATFORM_FIREBIRD "Firebird"
public static final java.lang.String PLATFORM_HSQLDB "Hsqldb"
public static final java.lang.String PLATFORM_INFORMIX "Informix"
public static final java.lang.String PLATFORM_MAXDB "MaxDB"
public static final java.lang.String PLATFORM_MCKOI "McKoi"
public static final java.lang.String PLATFORM_MSACCESS "MsAccess"
public static final java.lang.String PLATFORM_MSSQLSERVER "MsSQLServer"
public static final java.lang.String PLATFORM_MYSQL "MySQL"
public static final java.lang.String PLATFORM_ORACLE "Oracle"
public static final java.lang.String PLATFORM_ORACLE9I "Oracle9i"
public static final java.lang.String PLATFORM_POSTGRESQL "PostgreSQL"
public static final java.lang.String PLATFORM_SYBASE "Sybase"
public static final java.lang.String PLATFORM_SYBASEASA "SybaseASA"
public static final java.lang.String PLATFORM_SYBASEASE "SybaseASE"
public static final java.lang.String PLATFORM_WLORACLE9I "WLOracle9i"
public static final java.lang.String PROPERTY_DBALIAS "dbAlias"
public static final java.lang.String PROPERTY_PROTOCOL "protocol"
public static final java.lang.String PROPERTY_SUBPROTOCOL "subprotocol"
public static final java.lang.String SUBPROTOCOL_DB2 "db2"
public static final java.lang.String SUBPROTOCOL_DB2_INET "inetdb2"
public static final java.lang.String SUBPROTOCOL_FIREBIRD "firebirdsql"
public static final java.lang.String SUBPROTOCOL_HSQLDB "hsqldb"
public static final java.lang.String SUBPROTOCOL_INFORMIX "informix-sqli"
public static final java.lang.String SUBPROTOCOL_MAXDB "sapdb"
public static final java.lang.String SUBPROTOCOL_MCKOI "mckoi"
public static final java.lang.String SUBPROTOCOL_MSSQLSERVER "microsoft:sqlserver"
public static final java.lang.String SUBPROTOCOL_MSSQLSERVER_INET "inetdae"
public static final java.lang.String SUBPROTOCOL_MSSQLSERVER_INET_POOLED "inetpool:inetdae"
public static final java.lang.String SUBPROTOCOL_MSSQLSERVER_JSQLCONNECT "JSQLConnect"
public static final java.lang.String SUBPROTOCOL_MSSQLSERVER_JTDS "jtds:sqlserver"
public static final java.lang.String SUBPROTOCOL_MSSQLSERVER6_INET "inetdae6"
public static final java.lang.String SUBPROTOCOL_MSSQLSERVER6_INET_POOLED "inetpool:inetdae6"
public static final java.lang.String SUBPROTOCOL_MSSQLSERVER7_INET "inetdae7"
public static final java.lang.String SUBPROTOCOL_MSSQLSERVER7_INET_POOLED "inetpool:inetdae7"
public static final java.lang.String SUBPROTOCOL_MSSQLSERVER7A_INET "inetdae7a"
public static final java.lang.String SUBPROTOCOL_MSSQLSERVER7A_INET_POOLED "inetpool:inetdae7a"
public static final java.lang.String SUBPROTOCOL_MYSQL "mysql"
public static final java.lang.String SUBPROTOCOL_ORACLE "oracle"
public static final java.lang.String SUBPROTOCOL_ORACLE_INET "inetora"
public static final java.lang.String SUBPROTOCOL_POSTGRESQL "postgresql"
public static final java.lang.String SUBPROTOCOL_SAPDB "sapdb"
public static final java.lang.String SUBPROTOCOL_SYBASE "sybase:Tds"
public static final java.lang.String SUBPROTOCOL_SYBASE_INET "inetsyb"
public static final java.lang.String SUBPROTOCOL_SYBASE_INET_POOLED "inetpool:inetsyb"
public static final java.lang.String SUBPROTOCOL_SYBASE_JTDS "jtds:sybase"
public static final int MIN_INT -2147483648
public static final int CASCADE_LINK 19
public static final int CASCADE_NONE 17
public static final int CASCADE_OBJECT 23
public static final int _NEXT 115
public static final int ACCEPT_LOCKS 78
public static final int ACCESS 99
public static final int ATTRIBUTE 71
public static final int ATTRIBUTE_NAME 72
public static final int ATTRIBUTE_VALUE 73
public static final int AUTO_DELETE 26
public static final int AUTO_INCREMENT 31
public static final int AUTO_RETRIEVE 24
public static final int AUTO_UPDATE 25
public static final int BATCH_MODE 83
public static final java.lang.String CASCADE_LINK_STR "link"
public static final java.lang.String CASCADE_NONE_STR "none"
public static final java.lang.String CASCADE_OBJECT_STR "object"
public static final int CLASS_DESCRIPTOR 12
public static final int CLASS_EXTENT 33
public static final int CLASS_NAME 13
public static final int CLASS_PROXY 35
public static final int CLASS_REF 68
public static final int COLLECTION_CLASS 37
public static final int COLLECTION_DESCRIPTOR 27
public static final int COLUMN_NAME 17
public static final int CON_LOG_ABANDONED 87
public static final int CON_MAX_ACTIVE 55
public static final int CON_MAX_IDLE 56
public static final int CON_MAX_WAIT 57
public static final int CON_MIN_EVICTABLE_IDLE_TIME_MILLIS 58
public static final int CON_NUM_TESTS_PER_EVICTION_RUN 59
public static final int CON_REMOVE_ABANDONED 85
public static final int CON_REMOVE_ABANDONED_TIMEOUT 86
public static final int CON_TEST_ON_BORROW 60
public static final int CON_TEST_ON_RETURN 61
public static final int CON_TEST_WHILE_IDLE 62
public static final int CON_TIME_BETWEEN_EVICTION_RUNS_MILLIS 63
public static final int CON_WHEN_EXHAUSTED_ACTION 64
public static final int CONNECTION_FACTORY 66
public static final int CONNECTION_POOL 65
public static final int CONSTANT_ARGUMENT 106
public static final int DATASOURCE_NAME 44
public static final int DBMS_NAME 2
public static final int DEFAULT_CONNECTION 80
public static final int DELETE_PROCEDURE 105
public static final int DOCUMENTATION 75
public static final int DRIVER_NAME 6
public static final int EAGER_RELEASE 74
public static final int EXTENDS 76
public static final int FACTORY_CLASS 100
public static final int FACTORY_METHOD 101
public static final int FIELD_CONVERSION 30
public static final int FIELD_DESCRIPTOR 15
public static final int FIELD_ID_REF 70
public static final int FIELD_NAME 16
public static final int FIELD_REF 84
public static final int FK_POINTING_TO_ITEMS_CLASS 40
public static final int FK_POINTING_TO_THIS_CLASS 41
public static final int FOREIGN_KEY 49
public static final int ID 69
public static final int IGNORE_AUTOCOMMIT_EXCEPTION 91
public static final int INCLUDE_ALL_FIELDS 109
public static final int INCLUDE_PK_FIELDS_ONLY 110
public static final int INDEX_COLUMN 95
public static final int INDEX_DESCRIPTOR 94
public static final int INDEXED 51
public static final int INDIRECTION_TABLE 39
public static final int INITIALIZATION_METHOD 93
public static final int INSERT_PROCEDURE 103
public static final int INVERSE_FK 38
public static final int ISOLATION_LEVEL 34
public static final int ITEMS_CLASS 29
public static final int JCD_ALIAS 82
public static final int JDBC_CONNECTION_DESCRIPTOR 1
public static final int JDBC_LEVEL 45
public static final int JDBC_TYPE 18
public static final int LENGTH 52
public static final int LOCKING 46
public static final int MAPPING_REPOSITORY 0
public static final int NAME 97
public static final int NULLABLE 50
public static final int OBJECT_CACHE 113
public static final int ORDERBY 36
public static final int OTM_DEPENDENT 102
public static final int PRECISION 53
public static final int PRIMARY_KEY 19
public static final int PROXY_PREFETCHING_LIMIT 114
public static final int PROXY_REFERENCE 48
public static final int QUERY_CUSTOMIZER 92
public static final int REFERENCE_DESCRIPTOR 20
public static final int REFERENCED_CLASS 22
public static final int REFRESH 47
public static final int REPOSITORY_VERSION 67
public static final int RETURN 111
public static final int RETURN_FIELD_REF 108
public static final int ROW_READER 32
public static final int RUNTIME_ARGUMENT 107
public static final int SCALE 54
public static final int SCHEMA_NAME 5
public static final int SEQUENCE_MANAGER 88
public static final int SEQUENCE_MANAGER_CLASS 89
public static final int SEQUENCE_NAME 77
public static final int SORT 3
public static final int TABLE_NAME 14
public static final java.lang.String TAG_ACCESS "access"
public static final java.lang.String TAG_ACCESS_ANONYMOUS "anonymous"
public static final java.lang.String TAG_ACCESS_READONLY "readonly"
public static final java.lang.String TAG_ACCESS_READWRITE "readwrite"
public static final java.lang.String TAG_SUPER "super"
public static final int UNIQUE 96
public static final int UPDATE_LOCK 98
public static final int UPDATE_PROCEDURE 104
public static final int URL_DBALIAS 9
public static final int URL_PROTOCOL 7
public static final int URL_SUBPROTOCOL 8
public static final int USE_AUTOCOMMIT 90
public static final int USER_NAME 10
public static final int USER_PASSWD 11
public static final int VALIDATION_QUERY 79
public static final int VALUE 112
public static final java.lang.String SUPER_FIELD_INTERNAL_NAME "ojbSuperFieldInternal"
public static final java.lang.String SUPER_FIELD_NAME "super"
public static final java.lang.String PATH_TOKEN "::"
public static final int AND 1
public static final int NONE 9
public static final int OR 0
public static final java.lang.String PARENT_QUERY_PREFIX "parentQuery."
public static final char DEFAULT_ESCPAPE_CHARACTER 92
public static final int NO_END_AT_INDEX 0
public static final int NO_START_AT_INDEX 0
public static final boolean NOT_SCROLLABLE false
public static final boolean SCROLLABLE true
public static final long serialVersionUID 7616997212439931319L
public static final int AND 512
public static final int EQUAL 266
public static final int GREATER_EQUAL 270
public static final int GREATER_THAN 269
public static final int IN 3
public static final int LESS_EQUAL 271
public static final int LESS_THAN 268
public static final int LIKE 265
public static final int NOT 2
public static final int NOT_EQUAL 267
public static final int NOT_IN 4
public static final int OR 513
public static final boolean DECODE false
public static final boolean ENCODE true
public static final java.lang.String REPOSITORY_NAME_SEPARATOR "#"
public static final long serialVersionUID -3208237880606252967L
public static final int HARD 0
public static final int SOFT 1
public static final int WEAK 2
public static final java.lang.String OJB_CLASS_COLUMN "OJB_CLAZZ"
public static final java.lang.String OJB_VERSION_BUILD "$BUILD$"
public static final java.lang.String OJB_VERSION_DATE "$DATE$"
public static final java.lang.String OJB_VERSION_FULLQUALIFIED "$VERSION$"
public static final java.lang.String OJB_VERSION_MAJOR "$MAJOR$"
public static final java.lang.String OJB_VERSION_MINOR "$MINOR$"
public static final int DEBUG 1
public static final int ERROR 4
public static final int FATAL 5
public static final int INFO 2
public static final long serialVersionUID 1177329037874407180L
public static final int WARN 3
public static final java.lang.String BOOT_LOG_LEVEL_STR "OJB.bootLogLevel"
public static final java.lang.String OJB_DEFAULT_BOOT_LOG_LEVEL "INFO"
public static final java.lang.String OJB_DEFAULT_LOG_LEVEL "WARN"
public static final java.lang.String OJB_LOGGING_PROPERTIES_FILE ""
public static final java.lang.String PROPERTY_COMMONS_LOGGING_LOG "org.apache.commons.logging.Log"
public static final java.lang.String PROPERTY_COMMONS_LOGGING_LOGFACTORY "org.apache.commons.logging.LogFactory"
public static final java.lang.String PROPERTY_OJB_LOGGERCLASS ""
public static final java.lang.String PROPERTY_OJB_LOGGERCONFIGFILE ""
public static final java.lang.String PROPERTY_AUTO_NAMING "autoNaming"
public static final java.lang.String PROP_SEQ_AS ""
public static final java.lang.String PROP_SEQ_CACHE "seq.cache"
public static final java.lang.String PROP_SEQ_CYCLE "seq.cycle"
public static final java.lang.String PROP_SEQ_INCREMENT_BY "seq.incrementBy"
public static final java.lang.String PROP_SEQ_MAX_VALUE "seq.maxValue"
public static final java.lang.String PROP_SEQ_MIN_VALUE "seq.minValue"
public static final java.lang.String PROP_SEQ_ORDER "seq.order"
public static final java.lang.String PROP_SEQ_START "seq.start"
public static final java.lang.String PROP_SEQ_START_OLD "sequenceStart"
public static final java.lang.String PROPERTY_GLOBAL_SEQUENCE_ID "globalSequenceId"
public static final java.lang.String PROPERTY_GLOBAL_SEQUENCE_START "globalSequenceStart"
public static final java.lang.String PROPERTY_GRAB_SIZE "grabSize"
public static final java.lang.String PROPERTY_GRAB_SIZE "grabSize"

public static final long serialVersionUID 3690863289834166023L

public static final int CharLiteral 32
public static final int CommentLine 36
public static final int EOF 1
public static final int Identifier 28
public static final int LITERAL_and 51
public static final int LITERAL_asc 48
public static final int LITERAL_between 55
public static final int LITERAL_by 43
public static final int LITERAL_date 61
public static final int LITERAL_desc 49
public static final int LITERAL_distinct 39
public static final int LITERAL_exists 46
public static final int LITERAL_false 60
public static final int LITERAL_from 40
public static final int LITERAL_group 44
public static final int LITERAL_in 47
public static final int LITERAL_is_defined 57
public static final int LITERAL_is_undefined 56
public static final int LITERAL_like 58
public static final int LITERAL_list 54
public static final int LITERAL_nil 52
public static final int LITERAL_not 53
public static final int LITERAL_or 50
public static final int LITERAL_order 42
public static final int LITERAL_prefetch 45
public static final int LITERAL_select 38
public static final int LITERAL_time 62
public static final int LITERAL_timestamp 63
public static final int LITERAL_true 59
public static final int LITERAL_where 41
public static final int MultiLineComment 37
public static final int NameCharacter 27
public static final int NameFirstCharacter 26
public static final int NewLine 35
public static final int NULL_TREE_LOOKAHEAD 3
public static final int StringLiteral 33
public static final int TOK_APPROXIMATE_NUMERIC_LITERAL 30
public static final int TOK_COLON 8
public static final int TOK_COMMA 6
public static final int TOK_CONCAT 11
public static final int TOK_DOLLAR 25
public static final int TOK_DOT 9
public static final int TOK_EQ 12
public static final int TOK_EXACT_NUMERIC_LITERAL 31
public static final int TOK_GE 18
public static final int TOK_GT 22
public static final int TOK_INDIRECT 10
public static final int TOK_LBRACK 23
public static final int TOK_LE 17
public static final int TOK_LPAREN 5
public static final int TOK_LT 21
public static final int TOK_MINUS 14
public static final int TOK_NE 19
public static final int TOK_NE2 20
public static final int TOK_PLUS 13
public static final int TOK_RBRACK 24
public static final int TOK_RPAREN 4
public static final int TOK_SEMIC 7
public static final int TOK_SLASH 15
public static final int TOK_STAR 16
public static final int TOK_UNSIGNED_INTEGER 29
public static final int WhiteSpace 34


public static final int NOT_OPEN 0
public static final int OPEN_EXCLUSIVE 3
public static final int OPEN_READ_ONLY 1
public static final int OPEN_READ_WRITE 2

public static final int READ 1
public static final int UPGRADE 2
public static final int WRITE 4

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