Uses of Class

Packages that use I18NHelper
javax.jdo.identity This package contains the JDO specification identity interfaces and classes. 
javax.jdo.spi This package contains the interfaces and classes used by JDO implementations. 

Uses of I18NHelper in javax.jdo.identity

Fields in javax.jdo.identity declared as I18NHelper
protected static I18NHelper SingleFieldIdentity.msg
          The Internationalization message helper.

Uses of I18NHelper in javax.jdo.spi

Methods in javax.jdo.spi that return I18NHelper
static I18NHelper I18NHelper.getInstance(java.lang.Class cls)
          An instance bound to a bundle.
static I18NHelper I18NHelper.getInstance(java.lang.String bundleName)
          An instance bound to a bundle.
static I18NHelper I18NHelper.getInstance(java.lang.String bundleName, java.lang.ClassLoader loader)
          An instance bound to a bundle.

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