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Packages that use FetchPlan
javax.jdo This package contains the JDO specification interfaces and classes. 

Uses of FetchPlan in javax.jdo

Methods in javax.jdo that return FetchPlan
 FetchPlan FetchPlan.addGroup(java.lang.String fetchGroupName)
          Add the fetch group to the set of active fetch groups.
 FetchPlan FetchPlan.clearGroups()
          Remove all active groups leaving no active fetch group.
 FetchPlan Query.getFetchPlan()
          Returns the FetchPlan used by this Query.
 FetchPlan PersistenceManager.getFetchPlan()
          Returns the FetchPlan used by this PersistenceManager.
 FetchPlan Extent.getFetchPlan()
          Get the fetch plan associated with this Extent.
 FetchPlan FetchPlan.removeGroup(java.lang.String fetchGroupName)
          Remove the fetch group from the set active fetch groups.
 FetchPlan FetchPlan.setDetachmentOptions(int options)
          Set options to be used during detachment.
 FetchPlan FetchPlan.setDetachmentRootClasses(java.lang.Class[] rootClasses)
          Set the root classes for DetachAllOnCommit.
 FetchPlan FetchPlan.setDetachmentRoots(java.util.Collection roots)
          Set the roots for DetachAllOnCommit.
 FetchPlan FetchPlan.setFetchSize(int fetchSize)
          Set the fetch size for large result set support.
 FetchPlan FetchPlan.setGroup(java.lang.String fetchGroupName)
          Set the active fetch groups to the single named fetch group.
 FetchPlan FetchPlan.setGroups(java.util.Collection fetchGroupNames)
          Set a collection of groups.
 FetchPlan FetchPlan.setGroups(java.lang.String[] fetchGroupNames)
          Set a collection of groups.
 FetchPlan FetchPlan.setMaxFetchDepth(int fetchDepth)
          Set the maximum fetch depth when fetching.

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