Uses of Interface

Packages that use Extent
javax.jdo This package contains the JDO specification interfaces and classes. 

Uses of Extent in javax.jdo

Methods in javax.jdo that return Extent
 Extent PersistenceManager.getExtent(java.lang.Class persistenceCapableClass)
          Equivalent to getExtent (persistenceCapableClass, true).
 Extent PersistenceManager.getExtent(java.lang.Class persistenceCapableClass, boolean subclasses)
          The PersistenceManager manages a collection of instances in the data store based on the class of the instances.

Methods in javax.jdo with parameters of type Extent
 Query PersistenceManager.newQuery(Extent cln)
          Create a new Query with the Class of the candidate instances and candidate Extent.
 Query PersistenceManager.newQuery(Extent cln, java.lang.String filter)
          Create a new Query with the candidate Extent and filter; the class is taken from the Extent.
 void Query.setCandidates(Extent pcs)
          Set the candidate Extent to query.

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