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Shutting Down or Creating a Database

Shutting Down or Creating a Database

If you need to shut down or create a database, it is easiest just to work with the Derby-specific implementations of interfaces, as shown in the following examples.

javax.sql.XADataSource xads = makeXADataSource(mydb, true);
// example of setting property directory using 
// Derby 's XADataSource object
import org.apache.derby.jdbc.EmbeddedXADataSource;
import javax.sql.XADataSource;
// dbname is the database name
// if create is true, create the database if not already created
XADataSource makeXADataSource (String dbname, boolean create) 
    DerbyXADataSource xads = new DerbyXADataSource();
    // use Derby 's setDatabaseName call
    if (create)
    return xads;

Setting the property does not create or shut down the database. The database is not actually created or shut down until the next connection request.

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