Class Oracle10ModelReader

  extended by org.apache.ddlutils.platform.JdbcModelReader
      extended by
          extended by

public class Oracle10ModelReader
extends Oracle8ModelReader

Reads a database model from an Oracle 10 database.

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Constructor Summary
Oracle10ModelReader(Platform platform)
          Creates a new model reader for Oracle 10 databases.
Method Summary
protected  Table readTable(DatabaseMetaDataWrapper metaData, Map values)
          Reads the next table from the meta data.
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Constructor Detail


public Oracle10ModelReader(Platform platform)
Creates a new model reader for Oracle 10 databases.

platform - The platform that this model reader belongs to
Method Detail


protected Table readTable(DatabaseMetaDataWrapper metaData,
                          Map values)
                   throws SQLException
Reads the next table from the meta data.

readTable in class Oracle8ModelReader
metaData - The database meta data
values - The table metadata values as defined by JdbcModelReader.getColumnsForTable()
The table or null if the result set row did not contain a valid table

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