Class SetColumnPropertyRule

  extended by org.apache.commons.digester.Rule
      extended by

public class SetColumnPropertyRule
extends Rule

A digester rule for setting a bean property that corresponds to a column.

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Field Summary
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digester, namespaceURI
Constructor Summary
SetColumnPropertyRule(Column column, SqlTypeConverter converter, boolean beCaseSensitive)
          Creates a new creation rule that sets the property corresponding to the given column.
Method Summary
 void begin(Attributes attributes)
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Constructor Detail


public SetColumnPropertyRule(Column column,
                             SqlTypeConverter converter,
                             boolean beCaseSensitive)
Creates a new creation rule that sets the property corresponding to the given column.

column - The column that this rule shall set
converter - The converter to be used for this column
beCaseSensitive - Whether the rule shall compare the attribute names case sensitively
Method Detail


public void begin(Attributes attributes)
           throws Exception

begin in class Rule

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